Now Play your Favorite PC games on Android,iPhone or Windows Phone using Remotr app

Introducing Remotr a free streaming app that lets you play your favorite PC game on your mobile or tablet,Remotr streams your PC games from the remotr server app installed on your computer on your mobile device ,letting your control the games directly from your mobile,apart from all these advantages Remotr work smoothly with a normal speed WiFi connection,you don’t need a very high speed WIFi,WIth Remotr ,users can play games using the touch screen controls on their phone withot the need to use any additional game pads,follow the steps below to quickly setup remotr.

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12 Useful PC tips and tricks you don’t wanna miss

Get the more out of your PC, Today we are presenting a collection of small tips,tricks and tweaks for PC that will let you get different things out of the same pc,Play pranks on friends freezing their PC and make a shortcut to open up all your favorite websites,have a look at all the tips below, all the necessary instructions and screenshots are detailed out below,click on any image to enlarge it,the tips will on almost all the Windows PC OS,follow the instructions and apply them,refer screen shots for any clarifications.

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10 Tips to Quickly free up GBs of Hard drive space on Windows 10 PC

With lots and lots of storage capacity available these days ,we tend to fill up our hard disk with a large amount of data ranging from photos ,videos,audios,data,downloads from the internet and so on,which in a matter of time occupies a very mass volume space on our hard disk,the problem get much bigger when you see only a limited amount of storage left on the hard disk,the primary solution you would think is to buy an external hard drive,but this what is not recommended ,instead in such situation you need to initially analyze the unnecessary files which occupy the valuable space and delete them.

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Google’s new ‘Fact check’ feature helps you check if a news is real or fake

Google has added a new feature in its search which will help the users identify a fake news on internet,Under this now certain search results on Google will come up with an additional set of information which will help users in identifying the source and quality of a claim,this information will showed on the search results page itself and will show the claim,who made it along with the fact check.

Google states in its blog-“As we make fact checks more visible in Search results, we believe people will have an easier time reviewing and assessing these fact checks, and making their own informed opinions.”

Google Search Tips/Tricks:Play Pacman,Flip a coin,Play animal sounds,Pronounce a number & 16 other

Google is the most widely used search engine,You just need to input your query and google provides a huge set of result from its data base,click ‘i am feeling lucky’ to land to the first result directly,or browse from among the list of results,Google is now not only limited to a search engine,Google let’s users perform various other tasks,like playing games,getting the temperature,time of any place ,as well as many others ,we are listing some of functionalities below,you can book mark this page and retrieve the terms when ever you need then,this trick is based on various keywords reserved at google which lets the users perform various tasks.
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