Instagram app for android now offers offline mode

Instagram has over 80% of its users outside US,With lack of regular connectivity in some countries and cities the offline feature gets a necessity to ensure complete content access for the users ,Aiming to offer a better user experience ,instagram android app users can now browse instagram app offline without any active data connection,with this users without an active data plan can also browse Instagram app you just need to offer an internet connection in the app whenever you want the data to get refreshed and synchronized.

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Google Photos for android now let’s you Stabilize shaky videos

With the release of new version of the Google photos app,users can now perform stabilization of shaky videos,this is a very helpful tool for users who love to shoot videos frequently, you can maintain the quality standards in a video using this simple yet effective feature from the google photos app,you do not need to perform any special series of complicated steps in order to perform a video stabilization,video stabilization can be simply done by just selecting the stabilize option under a video,here are the steps to do so.

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Google Photos Offering Unlimited free cloud storage for photos,videos over Android,Ios and web

Google Photos is a photo manager app for mobile,web,It lets us store,organize and search photos easily and conveniently,the photos can be organized on the basis of people,places as well as things,the app also features visual search,Auto backup of photos,saving space on your device,creating movies,collage and animations using photos and editing,sharing etc.

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Freebies of the day:Free Video to Gif license,Free Power ISO,Free Gaana app 1 month subscription and more

Enjoy the amazing freebie offers of the day Get free 1 month subscription of gaana app,Activate free Video to gif converter using the license key,Get free Power ISO 6.0 and at last gift free pedigree sample to your dog,All these offer may get over within a day so stay fast and avail these freebie offers,the offers along with necessary details are listed below.

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Add Amazing effects to Photos,Videos on Android with Looksery app

Looksery app was launched last year for ios platform and has gained more than 2 million users,now the same app is available for Android,the Android version has released this Tuesday,Looksery app will help you show up your emotions:-sad,angry etc,add effects to your photos in a simple click and share it with all your friends. Continue reading