Now Play your Favorite PC games on Android,iPhone or Windows Phone using Remotr app

Introducing Remotr a free streaming app that lets you play your favorite PC game on your mobile or tablet,Remotr streams your PC games from the remotr server app installed on your computer on your mobile device ,letting your control the games directly from your mobile,apart from all these advantages Remotr work smoothly with a normal speed WiFi connection,you don’t need a very high speed WIFi,WIth Remotr ,users can play games using the touch screen controls on their phone withot the need to use any additional game pads,follow the steps below to quickly setup remotr.

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Best Funny,creative and clever names you can tryout for WiFi

Bored of those old and usual names for your WiFi ,Today we have picked out some of the coolest names for WiFi ssid use these names for your WiFi ssid and create a bold impact of your WiFi in your colony,As of normal a Wifi router’s ssid is used for identifying your WiFi router ,but that is not all,you can also modify the SSID and use some creative names for your WiFi Hotspot to surprise your neighbors and nearby people,So if you are looking for some creative and stroking names for your WiFi connection ,here are some suggestions from us you can try out.

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How to Save Netflix Movies and shows for offline viewing on Windows 10 PC

Netflix is an online streaming service that offers a huge collection of entertainment stuffs from across various genres,with netflix users can enjoy unlimited movies and shows without having to watch any commercials,Browse movies and shows from various genres like Comedy,Horror,Romance,Indian,Drama,Thriller etc,The downloading feature from netflix app lets users watch movies and show offline saving their data costs,the save offline feature was previously available for android and iOS users and now the same is available for windows PC users too.

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Get free Steam key of Syberia 2 Game for PC

Grab a free stream key for Syberia 2 PC game,At Microids website,the game is full of adventure and enjoyment,In this game Kate walker has finished her long and remarkable journey,obtaining the signature of Hans voralberg ,closing the automation factory buyout,Kate Walker and old, eccentric Hans Voralberg are out on a journey both looking for the last of the fabled Syberian mammoths at the heart of a long and forgotten universe.

In order to get the free stream key just goto this link provided below and provide your details in the form,Input name,country etc,follow the instructions and click next,once you submit the details the key will be mailed to you within a week.

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12 Useful PC tips and tricks you don’t wanna miss

Get the more out of your PC, Today we are presenting a collection of small tips,tricks and tweaks for PC that will let you get different things out of the same pc,Play pranks on friends freezing their PC and make a shortcut to open up all your favorite websites,have a look at all the tips below, all the necessary instructions and screenshots are detailed out below,click on any image to enlarge it,the tips will on almost all the Windows PC OS,follow the instructions and apply them,refer screen shots for any clarifications.

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