Windows Phone users can now update their phone from PC

Microsoft has released a new tool for the Windows phone users that will let them install updates on their phone from PC,The Over-the-cable updater for Windows phones is an Over-the-cable (OTC) update solution built to help Windows phone users update their devices to the latest version of Windows as per their device’s Compatibility,without requiring the devices to be connected to Windows Update (WU) to scan or download updates.

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Send Free SMS to any Mobile number in India Using SMS Organizer android app by Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a new app for android ,The SMS organizer app,this app lets users easily manage SMS inbox on their phone,It organizes sms messages in various sections like Promotional,transnational,archived etc making it easier for the users to sort them out,SMS Organizer, is a FREE App that helps you focus on the SMS most important to you, filters out all the spam, creates Reminder cards, detects OTP, supports FREE SMS, quick replies and much more.

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The Latest Windows 10 Preview lets users connect android phone to PC

With the latest Build 16251, Microsoft is introducing the first set of features that enable “linking” your phone to your PC,This build’s scenario is focused on cross-device web-browsing,Support for iPhones is not yet available ,it is expected to arrive very soon,this amazing feature will helps users in getting the most of their PC ,and the convenience for mobile connectivity,lets expand this and learn further.

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Microsoft Free eBooks Giveaway-Grab a great collection of eBooks for free

Microsoft is giving away free eBooks for all the users,Users under this can get a variety of eBooks totally free of cost ,users can download as many as eBooks they want ,their is no limit ,some of the titles include–

  • Microsoft Azure Essentials Azure Automation,
  • Enterprise Cloud Strategy,
  • Use Reset to restore your Windows 10 PC,
  • Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms: Cross-platform C# programming for iOS, Android, and Windows,
  • Getting the most out of Microsoft Edge,
  • Windows 10 Tips and Tricks,
  • 10 essential tips and tools for mobile working,Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows.

and many more ,download from the link below,users can also download all the eBooks at once ,click on the link below and explore.

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Microsoft launches an indoor navigation app that works without GPS or WiFi

Microsoft has launched an indoor navigation app which works without the requirement for any GPS or internet connection -Path Guide, The Path guide app helps users to navigate inside closed spaces,like building,malls etc,the app will guide people in tracking their routes inside a place,path guide app works with your phone’s build in motion sensors to keep a track of every step you make.

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