Freebie-Grab Gif Me! Camera Pro app free for android

Gif me pro camera app for android worth 90₹ has gone absolutely free at the playstore for a limited time period,Gif Me! let’s users create and share short video in animated GIF.It makes it easy to capture a small moment with your built in camera, and share it on social networks or simply save it. You can apply image filters too,the app features-Capture 14s,color filters,Removable watermark,Stop motion or video mode,GIF maker,GIF editor-Video To GIF and so on,download the app free directly from the link below,sale is about to end soon.

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Freebie-Grab free license of DxO OpticsPro 9

DxO Optics Pro is a powerful tool that will help you enhance your photos quickly and automatically,Each photograph is unique even photographs of the same subject under similar shooting conditions will differ from one another,One may contain a slightly overexposed area,The other might be too grainy because of noise in deep shadow,Yet a third photo might lack a bit of contrast.

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16 Best android/iOS apps of 2016

Smartphones with apps have become one of the most reliable and easy medium to stay connected with all our friends,watch videos,watch movies ,TV shows etc,You carry a box in your pocket with endless capabilities termed as a smartphone,Year 2016 is approaching its end,you might have tried out and favorited many of the new apps this year,some of the Most popular apps for this year include apps like Jio join,Whats app,Pokemon go,Prisma etc,With this post we are trying to list out some of the best android apps for this year new this year or updated with noticeable features,These apps are in no particular order or ranking ,we have just listed them out ,Each of the respective app is uncomparable with other apps.

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Internet tips/tricks:Gmail smart reply,Block someone who blocked you on facebook and more

Internet is a very vast ocean of knowledge with unlimited information and resources,using internet we can perform anything and everything,all we need is to look for our query and internet gets us thousands of ways to address that query,their are various features and capabilities which may be unknown to us,with this post we will try to uncover some of the hidden tips,tweaks that will prove very helpful for us,the tips along with necessary details are as follows,Get more out of internet this post covers various tips and tricks that are latest in news,with this post we will try to cover all the tech and tips,tricks that will help us getting the best out of the internet and help us stand ahead of others.

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Google Photos Offering Unlimited free cloud storage for photos,videos over Android,Ios and web

Google Photos is a photo manager app for mobile,web,It lets us store,organize and search photos easily and conveniently,the photos can be organized on the basis of people,places as well as things,the app also features visual search,Auto backup of photos,saving space on your device,creating movies,collage and animations using photos and editing,sharing etc.

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