Enhance your Knowledge and learn new facts with Google Fun facts

Google has recently launched a new search keyword that offers us addictive knowledge ,this is similar to the once we used earlier like define word,time in india etc,The ‘fun fact’ keyword provides,us informative facts from various areas,This will help us boosting the trivia knowledge along with entertainment,once you perform this search google displays random facts,click ask another question to view more facts.
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Best Google Chrome extensions to Check out

Chrome a web browser by Google, is one of the leading web browser,with a large number of users,it presents a great combination of attractive design and upto date technology,chrome let’s us browse web at fastest possible speed,A great collections of extensions make chrome even more capable and advanced,The extensions available for chrome let the users do anything they ever wished,you can tweak the design of web pages,change the colors,manage phone and many more,almost all the extensions are available free of cost,and are very easy to operate,so here we are listing out some of the best extensions you definitely need to try out.

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New Google tool will help you finding the best android phone as per your specifications and budget

Mobile phones from being a simple communication device,now days have turned up into a Multi utility device which is not limited to just making and receiving calls,The mobile phones in today’s era feature Camera,Internet,video recorder,apps and various other utilities hard to digest,While buying new phones it becomes very difficult to get a phone meeting our quality standards and budget,Picking up the right android phone as per your needs is a big challenge and google has simplified it by introducing a tool to help us find the best phone.

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Google Photos Offering Unlimited free cloud storage for photos,videos over Android,Ios and web

Google Photos is a photo manager app for mobile,web,It lets us store,organize and search photos easily and conveniently,the photos can be organized on the basis of people,places as well as things,the app also features visual search,Auto backup of photos,saving space on your device,creating movies,collage and animations using photos and editing,sharing etc.

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Search Find my phone on google to locate your Android device instantly

Previously google introduced a tool ‘Android device manager’ to help us locate the lost android device ,with this feature users can locate their device anytime,wipe it out,ring it and perform various other operations remotely ,but getting to this menu requires a lot of time and search it will be wise to do something as early as possible in case you lost your phone and you know it in few minutes,thankfully google has made it very easy and simple,just type three magical words in google search and you will find your missing handset. Continue reading