Now Play your Favorite PC games on Android,iPhone or Windows Phone using Remotr app

Introducing Remotr a free streaming app that lets you play your favorite PC game on your mobile or tablet,Remotr streams your PC games from the remotr server app installed on your computer on your mobile device ,letting your control the games directly from your mobile,apart from all these advantages Remotr work smoothly with a normal speed WiFi connection,you don’t need a very high speed WIFi,WIth Remotr ,users can play games using the touch screen controls on their phone withot the need to use any additional game pads,follow the steps below to quickly setup remotr.

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9 Paid iPhone apps available for free Right now

Check out these amazing apps for iPhone which are now gone free for a limited time period,these apps generally require us to pay a few buck in order to download them,the apps are as follows ,Click on the link to reach the download page of the respective apps.

  1. Voice advisor (Normally 1.99$)-This app offers commands for Siri, explore from about 500 commands across 35 different categories.
  2. Smart weather pro (Normally 0.99$)-This app offers users with direct and clear weather information,get the relevant information about weather conditions in various areas.
  3. hueTube (Normally 0.99$)-Hue tube offers an immersive YouTube video viewing experience,powered by Philips hue.
  4. Code cracker (Normally 1.99$)-A fun Code cranking game,Can you crack out the code.
  5. Emoji Camera (Normally 0.99$)-Turn your best moments into cool memories using various emoji ,bring up the photos to life
  6. DataFlow pro (Normally 1.99$)-This app helps users keeping a track of data usage on their mobile,with any worries to lose mobile balance towards data.
  7. Peekaboo (Normally 0.99$)-A powerful photo editor to quickly edit your photos,add effects draw on pics and so on.
  8. The Ladyrinth (Normally 0.99$)-A game where you need to control a ball from falling into the holes.
  9. Number Math games for kids (Normally 6.99$ in-purchase)-This app offers easy and fun maths learning for kids with a gameplay.

Get free Steam key of Syberia 2 Game for PC

Grab a free stream key for Syberia 2 PC game,At Microids website,the game is full of adventure and enjoyment,In this game Kate walker has finished her long and remarkable journey,obtaining the signature of Hans voralberg ,closing the automation factory buyout,Kate Walker and old, eccentric Hans Voralberg are out on a journey both looking for the last of the fabled Syberian mammoths at the heart of a long and forgotten universe.

In order to get the free stream key just goto this link provided below and provide your details in the form,Input name,country etc,follow the instructions and click next,once you submit the details the key will be mailed to you within a week.

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Grab these 6 Paid android Apps/Games from Playstore-Free for a limited time

Its time to download paid apps for free ,today we are listing out some of the cool apps/games at the playstore ,which have gone free for a limited time period,just follow the links for each of the apps listed below and download them ,the promotion period will be live only for a limited time period,the apps/games are as follows.

  1. Root Checker Pro,
  2. A Persistent Illusion,
  3. Sphere Slinger,
  4. Infinity Dungeon Evolution,
  5. TimeSolutely Cute,
  6. Show Free Memory – MNP,

Age of Empires-Castle Siege Now available for android

After a long wait Age of Empires-Castle Siege since its release for iOS in July 2015,has finally made its arrival on android,The game play isn’t like the classic one ,but pretty similar to ‘Clash of Clans’ where you need to attack other forts and build your own castle ,with an aim to improve its defenses.

In game after choosing one from the six available civilizations,you will have a castle to upgrade and defend,against the incursions from other players,with the Xbox live integration in the game,users can sync their progress across various devices,along with the android release new features like High treasure smash-down battles,bonus-loot have also been added in the game.

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