Find out who left your friend request pending on Facebook

Most of the time people don’t immediately respond to a friend request received on facebook,people usually feel more comfortable in ignoring a friend request specially in the case of strangers,we have already posted about viewing pending friend requests on facebook ,just to bring up the trick for those who missed it,today we are covering it again,Click on the link below and login to your facebook account ,in order to view the pending friend requests sent by you.

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Facebook app now let’s users find Free WiFi nearby their location

Facebook last year tested Find WiFi feature on its app,that let’s users finding free public WiFi near their location,this feature was initially launched for selected countries in the year 2016 ,the same has now been expanded globally and is available for all the facebook app users,Find Wi-Fi everywhere in the world on iPhone and Android, Facebook after the launch of Find Wi-Fi in a handful of countries last year,found it’s not only helpful for people who are traveling or on-the-go, but especially useful in areas where cellular data is scarce.

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Check out these 8 Amazing Facebook messenger Bots/tools

Facebook messenger has an amazing bot feature that let’s users pass on there  free time gaining knowledge or just having fun hanging out with various bots,if you are standing in a queue at a shopping store or simply want to pass some time these bots will prove to be really very helpful,Today we are listing out some of the amazing and useful facebook bots,along with there use and screenshots,have a look at what you could do with the Facebook messenger.

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Facebook Messenger Tips/Tricks:-Play games on Messenger,Use Multiple Facebook accounts & 6 More

Facebook Messenger stands out to be one of the most popular app amongst the android phone users with more than 1 Billion downloads,Facebook is continuously adding various improvements and innovative features in the app,to make it more and more interesting and enjoyable,Facebook messenger is now not only limited to messaging ,it offers a lot more to the users,like sharing photos,stickers,videos,location and more,with the latest additions users can also play games on messenger,With this post we are listing out some of the best tips and tricks you can experiment with the Facebook messenger.

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Aircel best offers:-Unlimited internet at 9₹,Big Friday sale,Free roaming,Free Yahoo news & 10 More

Presenting some of the amazing offers for Aircel users,Now browse internet for just 24 Rs per month,enjoy free wikipedia and Free/Cheap 3G internet with 3G mornings plan,now you can enjoy everything at the same level by paying less,The offers will definitely help you in saving a lot money and also ensure that you remain aware regarding all the promotional offers going on for the aircel operator,the offers along with details are listed below enjoy,follow the links in the offer to get redirected to the landing page,refer details of each offer for information,images are attached with the offers for better clarification.

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