SEGA Forever Brings Your Favorite Retro SEGA games collection for android and iOS phones

SEGA Forever is a free and growing classic games collection of nearly every SEGA game ever released from every console era – Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and more, Available on iOS and Android mobile devices,SEGA forever features:-

  • Free game play,
  • Saving your game’s progress,
  • Leaderboard — compete with the world for high scores,
  • Controller support — fully integrated wireless Bluetooth controller support,
  • Offline play,
  • New Game release every month.

SEGA Forever

Best free Multiplayer shooting games for android

Previously we presented a list of some amazing games for the android mobile phone users,today we are here with another edition of android games collection,have a look at the best shooting Multiplayer games for android,these games can be enjoyed together with multiple players directly from your mobile phone,Shoot the enemies together,and enjoy download these games for free at the playstore click on the links below to reach the landing page and download the game.

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How to Wipe and Clean your android device completely before selling it

If you are planning to sell or trade your mobile phone,to a friend or stranger,Simply deleting stuffs from your phone may not make it ,there are chances that your phone may leak out some of the personal information you used to store like your photographs,videos,documents or anything else,As we already know that deleted stuffs from a phone can be recovered to some extend or completely using recovery software and various apps,In order to remove a file completely it must be overwritten,so the free space left after file deletion gets occupied which makes the deleted file unrecoverable.

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3 Best Photo recovery apps for android that work without root

Previously we posted regarding free PC data recovery softwares that helped us in recovering accidentally deleted data from our computer,today we are listed out 3 apps that will help you recovery deleted photos or videos from from android phone,without any requirements for root access,These app can prove very useful to you in case you have accidentally deleted some thing very important from your phone,their is no guarantee for complete data recovery ,however these apps will try their best to scan your phone for the recoverable data.

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Microsoft Launches Face swap app for android-Turn your Selfies into amazing Photographs

Microsoft has launched a stunning app for android users,Face-swap,the face swap app lets users transform their Selfies into amazing photographs with awesome effects ,users just need to download and install the free faceswap app from the playstore and click a selfie ,once you click your photo the app will detect the face from the image,and let you swap your face to another photograph,Choose from an amazing collection of photographs, among various categories like Hairstyle,sports,characters,fashion etc.

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