Reliance offering 3G at 2G rates+free 3G for mnp

Reliance has slashed there 3G tariff prices by 50% on Thursday offering cheap 3G services

The new tariff rates are as follows


The company is also adopting an aggressive strategy to insist users for mnp
New customers coming to reliance through MNP will be given free 1gb 3G data each month for 2 months

Reliance currently offers 3G services in following circles
Delhi,Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab,Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh,Jammu and
Kashmir, West Bengal, Himachal
Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Assam and
North East.

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One thought on “Reliance offering 3G at 2G rates+free 3G for mnp

  1. Kishore K Mahanta says:

    I have done an MNP to reliance from assam circle and the same will b activated on 2nd/3rd of february 2015. Am i elligible for the offer?

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