Post an Hotel’s video review at Holiday IQ and get free 300₹ Paytm cash

HolidayIQ is India’s first & largest holiday information portal powered by our thriving Indian traveler community & experts; enabling travelers to discover, plan holidays and share holiday experiences,HolidayIQ is one of the India’s largest online traveler community, they are all about garnering reviews from Indian travelers and the value it offers to the traveler community at large,Enabling and inspiring travelers to discover, plan holidays and share holiday experiences.

Now users can get free 300₹ Paytm cash for posting a hotel video review at the Holiday IQ app,300₹ Paytm cash will be credited for each approved hotel review,each person is eligible only for one video per hotel for paytm cash,Paytm users need to enter a unique code before submitting the review,the paytm cash will be credited for the users within 10 days of approved review.

Steps to avail the offer

  • Download Holiday IQ app for android or iOS ,
  • Input the ‘Unique code’ while posting an Hotel’s Video review in the app.

What is Unique code

Enter the unique code while posting the review at Holiday iq app the unique code is “PTM-Your Mobile number”,for example
Where PTM is prefix and 99999888xx is your Paytm register mobile number,you need to use this code in order is avail the offer, PTM stands for Paytm,followed by a dash and then your 10 digit paytm registered mobile number.

Other details

  • Each users is required to input the unique code while posting the review in the app,
  • The offer is valid only for the Hotel video reviews,at the Holiday IQ app,
  • Each unique code can be used 10 time per user for posting reviews about 10 different hotels,
  • Offer valid till 30th June 2017,
  • HolidayIQ reserves the right to change, amend, extend, withdraw and/or alter any of the terms, conditions and offer at any time without any prior notice, without giving any reasons.
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