Play Floppy Birdie and get free 50 Rs Recharge

We are back with another android game that gives free Mobile recharge for Scoring 100+, This game is totally similar to the one we told earlier 🙂

This game is just 3 mb in size ,you need to score 100+ to claim your free 50 Rs recharge ,no login or signups

Download link:-

You have a bird and poles with a little space in between,tap on the phone’s screen to make the bird fly and make it pass from between the spaces of the poles ,if your bird touches the pole the game get over immediately.

How to get recharge:-
Pass on with 100 poles to get a score of 100, once you have passed,100 poles you will see a screen for recharge,input your details and get the recharge

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9 thoughts on “Play Floppy Birdie and get free 50 Rs Recharge

  1. Rohan says:

    Got a score of 134 and when asked to give in my details after which when I clicked claim recharge all that I got was ” details has been submitted” and till now I haven’t been recharged

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