Perform small tasks and get Free Mobiles,Headphones and other rewards from times points

Last time we posted about hungama app’s reward program whereby many of our users earned a lot of rewards and prizes ,Today we are introducing a similar program from Times,’Timespoints’ here users need to perform small tasks and earn rewards in exchange, Tasks include free registrations on websites or replying to comments and earning points which can be redeemed for free rewards.

This is a unique loyalty program that rewards users for performing the activities across the websites,the activities are different for different websites and are mentioned under each site,in addition to earning points and badges and redeeming the rewards ,Top users also get featured on times points leader board.

How to begin:-
To begin using this site just goto the timespoints site link and login using your Facebook account or simply create an account using your email,once you get logged in,you will see a list of websites on the top these are the sites under the times network like gaana,zigwheel,idiva,economic times ,times of india,magic bricks,speaking tree etc.

Click on any of the site to see the activities you need  to perform in order to earn the points,for example when you click on the gaana menu you will see the following activities:-
1)Register on gaana,
2)Login at gaana,
3)Refer friends, and
4)Web user login.

Visit the website by clicking on the link show in this text at the top under the ‘graph’ heading
“You have not done any activity on this site in the last 30 Days.Visit Gaana and start earning points”
Complete the activity required and earn the points,you will see the points while you perform the activity,Registration at gaana gets you 50 points as shown in the figure below.

You can redeem the points from redeem section for free gifts after you earn the required number of points,there are various rewards in the reward section and some of them are as follows:-

1)Food panda 100 Rs voucher-1000 points,
2)Naaptol 200 Rs voucher-2000 points,
3)Skull candy earphone with mic-6480 points,
4)Amkette wireless mouse-6660 points,
5)Philips dry iron-6920 points,
6)Karbonn K105s mobile-9000 points,
7)Nokia 105-12350 points,
8)F&D bluetooth speaker-19100 points,
9)1 tb hard drive-48300 points
10)Philips shaver-23440 points.

And many other rewards,explore the rewards page for a complete listing,you can also browse through “Rewards within your points” to see what items are redeemable with your present points.

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40 thoughts on “Perform small tasks and get Free Mobiles,Headphones and other rewards from times points

  1. sagar says:

    Hi admin bro, please tell us about the average earning point as the task you listed and also tell anGey one get products. Your super fan

    • ajay says:

      I redeemed and gotskyline sadwich maker, headphone, 5 tier wall shelf, pendrive. You can also redeem this by earning points.

    • ajay says:

      hungama me aasani se milta hai isliye order dene me 3-3 mahine lagate hai. par yahaan tumhe 7 din me product ghar par milega.

  2. ajay says:

    on you can earn by these ways-
    by creating interest- 50 points ( daily limit 1)
    by creating video or photo poll 30 points ( daily limit 20 or 3)
    by creating text poll 20 points ( daily limit 2 or 3)
    by sharing polls or blogs 5 ponits for facebook and 5 points for twitter ( daily limit 10 polls or blogs)
    by creating blogs 20 points daily limit 2 or 3
    by vote on polls 5 points
    by comments 10 points ( limit 5 polls or blogs)
    by following interests 5 points (limit 5)
    On other sites you can earn by writing comments and sharing articles.
    go to sign up and then go to badges and you will know how many points you will get on each site for each activity.
    Per day you can earn maximum 1200-1400 points but you have to give time

    correction by creating video or photo poll 30 points ( daily limit 2 or 3)

  3. sai says:

    but it takes lot of time nearly it takes 2-5 hours for normal speed internet mostly we are using.
    even if we have wifi with good speed it takes 1-3 hours which will be so much irritating.
    hungama is best than this because we will play 40 songs and kept a side and not bother of coins.
    even it is taking time to give rewards it is best than this.

    • ajay says:

      but bro if you give only 1 hour daily( you can give it during watching tv) u can easily get 600 points. and in 30 days u can get 18000 points. redeem it for headphone and pendrive or powerbank which are better brands and also many gifts. but you have to give time and if you are interested in watching news articles you will not ger irritated.

  4. ajay says:

    Also on timespoints just add your phone number on account settings you will get 500 points. and first time login on “” app on android or ios you will get 250 points.

  5. sagar says:

    @ajay how to do this activity Bcoz there is not showing options of the task you mension and also I’m open the link of site and it open in another slide. I’m read article but not shows earning

  6. ajay says:

    firstly, you have to sign up on “” and make an account. You can also sign up through any times group sites like timesofindia.indiatimes, itimes, navbharattimes etc. This rewad program will not work on mobile, you have to use “Laptop or PC” and preferred browser is “Google chrome”.
    now confirm your account if you get confirmation mail and then sign in, now go to account settings- and here there is a option add phone number, just add phone number you will get OTP(one time pin) on your phone number, just add OTP and you will get 500 points.
    Install itimes app(android or ios) on your mobile and first time login you will get 250 points.

    • ajay says:

      by doing activity only on for 30 minutes you will get 350-400 points, and if you want more points do activity on other sites also and how to earn points on i had already said you in previous comments.

  7. Lakshya says:

    Please help I am only getting very hardly 300 to 400 points doing task 2 -3 hours a day.I do many things in itimes like creating polls,interest,blog Commenting on polls etc and also reading articles and commenting on them in other e newspaper websites.I have read all above comments and doing same but still getting very less points.Please tell me how I get 700 800 points daily

    • Ajay says:

      on itimes for best points do activity by (24 ghante ka gap rakh kar) in this way-
      1. first creare interest (minimum 25 words), then post a photo/video poll, then share 5 polls on FB and Twitter, then again create photo/video poll, then again share 5 polls, then create text poll, then comments on 5 polls, then follow 10 interests, then create text poll. you will get 300- 400 points.(on 2g idea sim it takes maximum 35 minutes)
      2. on speaking tree share 10 blogs on twitter, FB and email and like on FB. you will get 100-120 points, comments 10 polls “minimum 20-25 words” you will get 50 points. total 170 ( on 2g idea sim it takes maximum 30 minutes)
      “you have to comment by minimum 20-25 words on each site except”

  8. Lakshya says:

    Thanks ajay i will try like this,do you have ordered sometimes,because I am wondering its real or scam or they charge at delivery,I have read t&c but just for curosity asking

  9. Lakshya says:

    Very poor , when I started earning there are skullcandy headphones and intex wireless headphones but when I get enough points they are gone and never return in redeem section

  10. Lakshya says:

    @abhi @ajay How much time in your case it take to go after TO BE VERIFIED message, because its 2 days and in redeemed history my intex wireless headphone status is TO BE VERIFIED

    • ajay says:

      @ lakshya bro you will get your product at your home for sure in 5-10 days. don’t worry it will be verified.

  11. Ayush Agarwal says:

    I ordered Sandisk 32GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive – Cruzer Ultra CZ48 on 24 June and status is “To be verified” on 3 July but 2 July was the expected delivery date.

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