Just Use hungama app and get Free Mobile Recharge,Free Mobiles and other rewards

Hungama app is offering various Rewards like free Mobile Recharge,Opportunity to meet a bollywood star,Car chargers,Books&Novels,Mobile accessories like headphone,earphones,and mobiles like Lumia 630,Lenovo tab,galaxy s5 and many more,for just using the app,inviting your friends.

To get the rewards users need to accumulate hungama coins,hungama coins can be earned by using the app ,you earn coin every time you Listen to a song,Like a song,share it,favorite it or invite your friends,There is a limit for earning each day.

Link:-hungama playstore

How to earn coins:
To earn hungama coins
1)Listen to a song=30 coins per song with a daily limit of 150 coins.
2)Watch a video=30 coins per video,with a daily limit of 150 coins.
3)Like a song/video=5 coins with a limit of 25 coins daily.
4)Favorite a song/video=5 coins with a limit of 35 coins per day.
5)Invite friends=50 coins with a limit of 250 coins per day.
6)Share songs=50 coins with a daily limit of 150 coins.

How to redeem :-
To redeem the rewards just goto this link and login with your hungama account,here you can view your points,rewards, and redeem them with any of the stuffs listed on the page matching your coins.

Some Rewards:-
Here are some examples of the rewards you will see at the landing page
1)Senheiser Hd Headphone =2040 coins.
2)Nokia lumia 630=30050 coins.
3)iball sound wave speakers=6412 coins
4)5200 Mah miiii power bank=12275 coins

It is very easy to earn coins with hungama app,its been just few days of using it,and I have accumulated 2500 coins ,which can be easily redeemed for a sennheiser hd headphone.

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629 thoughts on “Just Use hungama app and get Free Mobile Recharge,Free Mobiles and other rewards

  1. wolverine says:

    utkarsh bro,, how long is this offer and coin accumulating valid..? as per my calculation if we daily accumulate coin by perform all activity without friend referral we get 30090 coins on april 8..so we get lumia.. is this valid upto april?

  2. Kartik Das says:

    @Utkarsh Please Send Me 1 Freecharge voucher that can be redeemed into credits, Bcz i want to use the IIT Felicity Vouchers and other vovchers too.,I dont have a single freecharge credit or debit card…

    Love Your Site

  3. crop says:

    bhai isme kuch catch to nai he na..ki cart me dalne ke bad pata chala ki 50% coins aur baki credit card se payment karna he??
    Utkarsh bhai kya kehte ho??

  4. Amit says:

    Great offer and they do give d credits as they promised, i recharged my no several times but not tried to order any item,one of my friends told they do send d items but not sure about delivery of products as he received d headphones after a month of placing d order using earned coins, but there is a catch,if u want to take full benefits froms d app u must subscribe to its pro service after trial otherwise its very hard to interact with d app becoz of ads and time limitations so just subscribe to their pro sevice after and earn as much as u can as i have no idea when this offer is going to end so i recharges my number everytime to be on safe side,if u do it properly u can accumulate 1200 points per day

  5. Animesh says:

    @Amit How to earn 1200 Coins per day easily … please share the procedure ???

    And Thanks for the awesome post bhai @Utkarsh …

  6. Kiran says:

    Is hungama site is genuine?
    will I receive my product for which I placed an order?
    its almost 2-3 days still my status is under verification.
    So I want to know whether any1 has received any product from hungama.com
    Awaiting for your kind & Positive reply.

  7. Prawin kumar says:

    Your site is very good. Your trick are really verified and your replies encourage users . Thank you and keep up the good work.

  8. nik says:

    Claimed 12000 coins for one power bank today, I wanted to accumulate 30000 coins for a mobile but wasn’t getting more coins since a week, they might discontinue the service soon.

  9. Amit says:

    Do this on daily basis i.e, after 12pm midnight everyday :- (300 coins on signup and adding ur social account)
    First listen to at least 5 songs-150
    Then watch 5 videos -150
    While listening like or favorite ur songs and videos 7 times-35
    Also while listening songs create ur playlist and add songs to them 5 times -150
    Refer friends with a regular intervals of 30 minutes for upto 5 times(it doesn’t matter whether they join it or not)-250
    Comment on songs or videos 5 times-25
    Share ur videos or songs while listening to ur friend’s upto 5 times at regular intervals of 30 minutes or more-150
    Also listen to songs or watch videos completely till end upto when it shows up related content automatically to increase chances of earning,use app on regular basis instead of ur media player, rest explore urself (hint-go to my profile section click badges option and then tap on any badge to see what else u can do to earn more, click those which r black nd white in color to see what is to be done more)

    • crop says:

      Dear amit 30 min interval is not require to share a song. It is just that one can share only for 5 times and can be done at a stretch

  10. crop says:

    I am using it for 4 days now through website.
    It is not require to listen song completely when buffering completes you can fast forward it to end of the song to save time.
    Also it is not require to watch video instead you can keep listening songs.
    I have observed that one can earn around 1200 points daily.
    My score is 5570 and i earned this only by Songs,creating playlist, liking, sharing and commenting .
    So as per my observation no need to do all activities.

  11. Amit says:

    It is required to maintain a time interval to be on a safer side, also listen to songs completely to support d hungama team nd developers,why u people only want to take advantage and don’t want to give anyein return.

    • krishna says:

      just login through facebook account and in the comment section below ull see share while commenting, tick that box . share 5 videos ull get that badge

  12. Abhi says:

    If anyone has received any product, please let us know because it is only showing “verification in process”. Don’t know when verification will complete.

    • kp says:

      i just checked reviews on this app on play store and there are many people who are still waiting for their product and are in “verification mode” even after 15 days of order placing.
      I think they are just faking about the reward system. Recharge is a best option to get rid of this. 10 rs recharge is always successful but large amount of recharge is risky. Some people in reviews are still waiting for their recharge also.

  13. krishna says:

    i have just redeemed my coins for book my show coupon and i received a mail that ill b receiving the voucher code in 21 days after the order is verified, and it will be delivered to home. lol lol lol lol lol !!!!!!!

  14. Abhi singh says:

    fake offer
    when I recharged with my 1500 coin I didn’t get any recharge
    And I lost my all coins also
    mt use krna ye app

  15. Manjunath Patil says:

    I decided to order iball earphones, but when I entered the checkout page, it asked me to enter the shipping details. The website automatically fills my first name and leaves the last name column vacant. After i enter all the relevant details, it asks to fill the last name option. But i couldn’t enter the first name or the last name manually. What to do?.

  16. Parm Takrian says:

    I think this app is a wastage of time.They can’t even perform recharges successfully.What else you can expect.You gonna get baba ji ka thullu.I didn’t see any fraud app like this before.Stop using this app and redeem your points and pray.

    • krishna says:

      i have done around 20 recharges, only 1 recharge was unsuccessful. but from 2-3 days they have changed recharge procedure they are saying ur recharge will be done in 48 hrs but they aren’t doing, before recharge was done in 30 secs. so i think we shouldn’t waste much time in hungama site or app!!! 2-3 DAYS PEHLE ACHA THA PARR AB TOH RECHARGE BHI NAI HORA!!!!! LYT!!

  17. jaigowtham says:

    Is anybody delivered ur products.please help me how to order.did they receive our product to all places. How to they delivered our product

    • shubham says:

      Please tell me how your points increases in one day i only get approxx 1000 coins in a day. So please send me full procedure of how you earn coins.

    • vikas singh says:

      I also order Samsung core 2 on 24 Feb 2015 but till my order in not verified when I contact Hungama these guys are always busy with other customers

  18. sai says:

    My order status is now changes to confirmed after 15 days of verification…! But friends for recharges try only 10rs recharge it will get with in 48 hours but dont go for 50,100 it is coins waste.

  19. sai says:

    you have to try again. And dont earn coins by using playlist.

    Try for again it will says wait for 48 hours. but surely u will get with in 72 hours of 10 rs only.

    Contacting the support team is waste of time.

  20. Amir says:

    Frndz…i ordered Xperia E3 Dual Sim today for 48740 coins….DEkhte hai ab kya hota hai!!!
    And ‘Sai’….tune konsa order place kiya hai….Mobile ya fir Accessories???

    • deepak says:

      Guys I have order a I ball dual pd on 8th feb it took almost 15 days to verified my order on 18 feb I got a email from hungama that your order is confirmed it will dispatch innext 10-21 business day nd finally on 28 feb I recieve my product by first flight courier service free delivery

  21. Amir says:

    Mene order diya hai 10 March ko Xperia E3 Dual Sim …Jab confirm hoga toh me yahape post kar dunga…. Or jinko esa koi product recieve hua hai vo pls apna review share kare. 🙂

  22. sai says:

    Amir…! I have ordered neopack multifunctional bag,nokia lumia320,headphones.
    Out of 3…headphones is cancelled nd coins return to me.
    Neopack bag is confirmed nd dispatched by them.
    Nokia lumia is still ni verification….!

    • Naga says:

      Hi Sai, could you please tell me how many coins can you get in a day, I just earning maximum 720 coins in a day. Can you please suggest me, Thanks in advance..

  23. Naga says:

    Friends could you please tell me how many coins can you get in a day, I just earning maximum 720 coins in a day. Can you please suggest me, Thanks in advance..

  24. Amirt says:

    Me harroz 2500 coins karta hun…. Sab kuch try kar leneka….Discover,Like Comments, Invite, Download(for docomo users only), and playlist save…

  25. Amir says:

    Vo tin horizontal lines hena jisme se video Audio select kar sakte hai…usme Discover ka option hai….usme jake Mood select karo and song types select karo..then save that discovery…u will get 10 coins….u can do max. 5 times=50coins a day…

  26. Ankit Baldia says:

    The reward programme is genuine.
    I ordered a samsung galaxy core 2 mobile at 30060 points, and got the phone delivered after 35 days of placing the order. After ordering the first one i again accumulated 30060 and ordered second galaxy core 2, that is under verification. Do collect points and order freely, you will get the product for sure but that will take around a month. And one more thing, I am getting 2150 points everyday.
    35 songs per day @ 30 points per song
    25 videos per day @ 30 points per video
    5 friend invites @ 50 per invite
    10 comments @ 5 per comment
    10 favourites @ 5 per comment.
    Happy after getting rewarded from hungama app……n glad to share it with you guys to help you all regarding this….

  27. sagar says:

    Hey friends; pl comment the step to get 1500-2000 coin per day and also how to save Discovery and where to click for save and also where to click to like song. Must reply because I’m get only 600 coin per day please comments the 2000 coin earning activity and also like & save discovery . Thank you

    • kp says:

      bhai 1200-1250 point hi milte he 1 din me.
      aur to save in dictionary click on no of songs that is shown in player ,a window will open where u can see save option.

  28. solanki says:

    Hi ankit do you get 35 song reward in a day by countineous play song or after 30 minute interwal. Pl explain it Bcoz im earn only 600 coin per day

    • ankit says:

      @ solanki…
      Yes bro i used to get points for 35 sings continiously @ 30 points per song……u have to add many songs to a playlist n play it….u need to listen to a song for minimum two minutes n den change to d next song….but from yesterday hungama guys reshuffled all d system….now i am getting points for only 25 songs and 25 videos……

  29. Shashank says:

    I have 40000 Points and i ordered a Samsung Core 2, 2 Recharges of 50 Rs, of recharge of 10 Rs on 17 February. I got an email said that it will take 21 days in verification of prize you ordered. Today it has been 15 March and No mail, no contact, no notification just showing in verification process.

    I think it is fake.

  30. Amir says:

    Videos bhi dekhleneke re….Discover…Songs…Like ..comment…And invite….if u r a docomo user than u will get 2months free service of hungama from docomo…then u can dnld songs…
    5songs at 75 coins a song =375 coins…easily u can get it…

  31. DuRgEsH says:

    yeah, finally got my Sennheiser HD 180 headphones. i ordered it on 11feb. & confirmed on 9th march… & Delivered to my home within 5 days from Aramex Courier…
    headphone is original & quality if reward product is very nice. i earn 1200 coins hardly. now my target is 30000…

  32. sagar says:

    Thanks for comments bro but i have videocon internet so download not possible and also have 2g connection so cant play video.
    Any one tell me the shenheiser hd headphone ordered because I’m also wanted to order but it shows about 12000 coin. Please tell me actual coin need.

  33. nhprasad says:

    Hi friends, did anybody get sony xperia e3 dual,, iam going to order sony xperia. pls share your experience at hungama reward points. coz i no longer getting coins for creating playlist..

  34. kp says:

    Earlier i was getting 1220 points per day then it reduced to 1030 and now it further reduced to 900 today.
    I am not getting points for creating playlists
    today i got only 10 points of sharing instead of 50.

    I am using website not app.
    Does anybody face the same thing?

  35. Amir says:

    I have order Sony Xperia E3 On 10march…still in varification… 🙁 but i think it will reach to me soon and sure….now i m going to order Samsung Core 2 on 30060 coins.

    • nhprasad says:

      @amir, pls drop a msg here when ur xperia order confrimed.. let me know how many days they r taking 2 confirm a order.

  36. sagar says:

    There are problems to get 10 coin per invite if any one face problem than share. And also tell that when the offer will be expired or close

  37. vikas singh says:

    I receive a mail from hungama

    Reference Number:142478035115271
    Product Name:Samsung Galaxy Core 2 G355H
    Status: Request Approved:

    We wish to inform you that your request has been verified and approved.

    Approved order has been sent for processing, it would take a maximum of 21 working days for delivery for product

  38. KV says:

    I ordered Samsung Core 2 on 3 of March, still it shows verification in progress. only 10 rupees recharges can dreame with in 2 days. Now i recharged every time with 10 rupees, Till now i have earned 28*10=280 tack time.

  39. KV says:

    Friends now its hard to earn coins. Hungama reduced coins value from Friends invites , play lists, commenting, etc… and also increased the value of redeemable products. May be in future really it is hard to earn more coins and redeem our favorite items.


    Nokia Lumina 36000+ points
    Samsung Galaxy core 36000+ points
    I ball Tab 32000+ points
    Kindly pad 32000+ points
    Sony xperia e3 60000 points
    Lenova tab 90000+ points

  40. Dikshant says:

    I got recharge of Rs.100 in 24 hours only.And did anyone from Uttarakhand got the smartphone or any physical reward?? Please reply,as I have ordered Samsung Galaxy core 2 smartphone.

    • Parminder says:

      I ordered Samsung Galaxy Core 2 and it has confirmed 4 days ago.It takes 25 days to confirm.So don’t worry.Just wait because it’s a genuine reward system.

  41. sai says:

    My order of lumia320 is also confrimed 2days back. im very happy with hungama…!
    But now to earn more coins is very difficult ….!
    Any one have any idea how to earn more coins now days…?

  42. chris says:

    how to get more points and also value of each product increased. I am aiming for Xperia e!!!! and how to create a video play list.@amir and @sai

  43. KV says:

    Vikas Sing Bro do you receive your Samsung mobile which placed order on 24 th February. Vikas Singh bro I also ordered Samsung Core 2 on 1 st March and conformed, I also received confirmation email on 18 th March but Coriar or Traking info.

  44. KV says:

    Vikas Sing Bro do you receive your Samsung mobile which placed order on 24 th February. Vikas Singh bro I also ordered Samsung Core 2 on 1 st March and conformed, I also received confirmation email on 18 th March but No Coriar or Traking info not received yet. Friends any one received your products This month.

    Thanks friends.

    • vikas singj says:

      @ kv I also not receive my order samsung core 2 but I receive a getactive fitness band order on 26 Feb
      Receive on Saturday
      I am waiting for this
      Also for you wait for delivered but they can’t provide and information like Currier & tracking no

  45. chris says:

    @amir how to add any song or video to play list so that I can earn points. Post it here.. I want sony xperia but I am not able to get more points. currently I have 3000 points

  46. Anurag says:

    I ordered i ball soundwave 2 multimedia 2.0 speaker today for 7365 coins.
    Let’s see when it comes.
    Do they take any delivery charge or something else.

  47. Amir says:

    i was wrong…today i got 2040 coins….
    35 songs @ 30 coins= 1050 coins
    25 videos @30 coins= 750 coins
    10 invites @ 10 coins = 100 coins
    5 Discover @10 coins= 50 coins
    5 Songs Download @ 75 coins = 375 coins (for docomo and airtel users only)
    5 likes and 5 comments @5 coins= 50 coins
    = 2000 coins for general users

  48. Amir says:

    @Chris… i have ordered Xperia E3 on 10march… i was confirmed on 20 march…. currently i hv 18000 coins…
    And u can create Audio Song playlist to get 30 coins for each playlist.(max 5) but if and only if u are registed recently after 15 march.

  49. sagar says:

    @ amir I’m get only 24 songs coin by playing continusly and than stop increasing coin. Do you play song after some time or continues. Please comment.

  50. Amir says:

    @Sagar …yah u ryt dude…now its only 24….
    for general users its only 1650 coins per day
    for docomo and airtel users 1650+450= 2100 coins….
    in docomo or airtel number u can earn more.
    u will also get playlist coins(new users) …(30 coins per playlist)

  51. Ajin says:

    @Amir docomo and airtel users how will they get xtra 450 coins…
    Mention briefly plzzz….

    If upgrade to pro or any secrets….

    Plz share it….

  52. Parm Takrian says:

    My order confirmed on 18th march, haven’t received my product yet.How many times does it take to confirm?

  53. Parm Takrian says:

    My order of Samsung core 2 confirmed on 18th march but i haven’t received my product yet.How many days does it take to receive the product after the confirmation? Anybody say something about this.

  54. Amir says:

    if u are Airtel or docomo user then u will automatically promoted to PRO user…
    then u can download songs…
    and for each download u will get 75 coins
    ….Max 5 songs download @75 coins = 375 coins …
    (i was wrong…not 450 …its 375… $orry)

  55. tikshan says:

    how to play the video in repeat mode or how to create playlist of videos and also how tata docomo and airtel users can get more coins daily can you tell me some more tricks plz i am getting only about 700 coins daily also can you tell me how to subscribe to hungama pro for more than 1 period time

  56. ajay says:

    friends, can i invite “same facebook friends” daily on hungama . is it ok to invite same friend or it is not allowed on hungama? please reply

  57. Sushant says:

    any one who received their product please reply
    how much time hungama take to deliver the product after confirmation?

  58. Ajin says:

    @amir Im a docomo user but im not promoted to pro user….

    Wats the reason…. wat ineed to do…. to promote….

    Reply buddy….

  59. sagar says:

    New user ko 1 month ka subscription free mila he to next month subscription karvana padega? Please reply or subscription ka charge kya hogs? @amir

  60. Ayush Agarwal says:

    I have ordered iball hybrid mini dual pendrive 8 GB on 17 march, Yesterday I got an mail from hungama that your product has been approved and confirmed. You will get your product within 21 days.
    Now see what happens in comming days.

  61. ajay says:

    can i invite same facebook friends daily or i have to make new friends for invitation. Is it ok to invite same friends daily on hungama app

  62. divyansh ohri says:

    Guys i am only getting, following points
    playlist = 30*5=150
    fav= 5*5=25

    only 225 points but here i can see ppl earning 1k-2k points easily, please help to earn more points.. will give 10rs recharge for anyone who helps 🙂

  63. sagar says:

    Hi friends i have 22000 coin and i want to order lumia. But the coin earning shrink i get 20 coin per song , 10 per playlists, 5 pet fav & comments. Please any one suggest to earn more coin. How some of you order phones. Or it required changing the account to new one. Please reply

  64. Parm Takrian says:

    Now they’re giving 20 coins per song.I was earning 2475 coins per day, now i earn only 1405.
    500 for songs
    500 for videos
    375 for downloading songs

  65. rahul says:

    @parm, bro please told me that, how to download song. And if i download song then i lost 750 coin. ?
    Please reply me friend.

    • kripal says:

      I hve also lost my 750 coins today while downloading a single song.. don’t knw y they reduce points for listening songs & watching videos?

    • Parm Takrian says:

      If you subscribed to hungama pro so can download it freely.If you haven’t subscribed to hungama pro then you have to pay Rs.5 per day.Use your Mobile data while subscribing to downloads.

  66. kp says:

    Now i m getting 1200 points
    500—25 videos
    500—25 songs
    25—–5 comments
    25—–5 favs

  67. sagar says:

    @ kp how to share song.? When I share song it shows what’s app, hike and other SAP which installed. I’m try with what’s app but not get any coin .please help me.@ kp

  68. sai says:

    Friends i have spoken with hungama team, they said that they will get the confirmation mail of delivery after 21 days only .
    Even when product is confirm they may cancel it because of no availability of the products.
    such cases are more frequent this time.
    so keep hope of getting the product…!

      • Parm Takrian says:

        If they really gonna do this then this hungama reward program is stupid.Wastage of time.You have waited two months for your order to deliver at your home and then they gonna cancel it at that time.haha

  69. KV says:

    Friends Hungama again raised the coins for redemption.


    Lumina 630 : 53,000 coins..
    Core 2 : 53,000
    Grand 2 : 1, 30, 000

    Its really tough to earn and redemption

  70. KV says:

    I have ordered Nokia Lumina 630 just now with 53,100 coins, Really i am earning coins for Sony Xperia E3 @ 59,500 coins. I have earned 58,765 coins till now. If i listen one more day definitely i will ordered Sony Xperia E3, now they raised it to 90,000 coins, Its impossible to me to earn, thats why i booked Lumina 630. Even today morning if i booked lumina 630 its just 36,000 coins. I spend 17,000 coins more.

    They mailed me:

    Gift items ordered:
    Product Info Coins Quantity Total Points
    Nokia Lumia 630 Dual Sim 53100 1 53100

    Total 53100

    Your current Coins balance is 5705 Coins.

    Order Details

    1. Order will be approved and processed for delivery once the same has been verified by Hungama team. The verification process would take anything between 7 to 10 working days.

    2. Order approval/shipping status would be available under My Account -> My Orders -> My Order History.

    3. Once order status changes to Shipping, it would take a maximum of 21 working days to deliver the product.

    4. For any queries, please feel free to write to us at support@hungama.com or Call us on :
    Landline No: +91 22 66664646 | Mobile No: +91 9223404646
    Monday to Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM (IST)

    Warm Regards
    Customer Support Team

    • nhprasad says:

      @KV same here bro… Just one day. i would have ordered Sony xperia. But thy increased almost 30k. Its out of my patience to earn.. So iam ordering Samsung galaxy core2..

  71. Kumar says:

    F****** ***s !!.. Really stupid on part of Hungama to raise coins redemption. The only reason people using their crappy site and app is for earning coins and now they are making it hard for everyone.

  72. Parm Takrian says:

    I was too close to get Samsung Grand 2 and now they raised points by 35,000.Raise coin once, not every week huh stupid program

  73. sai says:

    Friends as i said they change shipment status as work in process which is equal to verification in process so they after few days they may approve it or cancel it depend on availability.

  74. chris says:

    ya… even for me also… if they have waited for 1day I could have got core2….Wat the hell this app is…
    it really sucks.. if they r going to increase the coins. they should include wide range of phones… for every 10 hungama coins you people will get approximately 1rupee that’s all…Lol lol lol. example core 2 in online fetches u 6500. here u need to earn approx 60000

  75. KV says:

    March 17 th my brother ordered Samsung Core 2 at 30,060 coins, On the same day coins for Samsung Core 2 was raised upto 36,000+ coins. Today my brother’s order Approval was Failed, It shows Approval Failure. Any body faces the same problem, If any one knows could you please share to me.

    Thanks friends.

  76. Dikshant says:

    After 16 or 17 days of verification it is showing “approval failure”. What the hell is this?I had ordered Samsung Galaxy Core 2 on 17th of March.

  77. suro says:

    I think the reward program is fake…..
    Hungama increasing product can randomly…
    I’m sure that after 2 or 3 weeks they will cancel my order(lumia 630).
    Hungama par case karna chahie…..

  78. Parm says:

    Hungama’s reward program works like this.They get 1000 orders of Samsung core 2.They confirm 600 of those orders.
    In next step “work in progress” they confirm only 100 orders from 600.

  79. Parm says:

    If you earn 500 coins daily then it gonna take 109 days to get core 2
    If you earn 1000 coins daily then it gonna take 53 days to get core 2
    if you earn 1500 coins daily then it’ll be 35 days
    plus 2 months to ship your product if you’re lucky or they’ll cancel it without any reason.

    • sai says:

      Most probably they will take 10 to 15 days for answer i.e., confirm or approval failure.
      If you are lucky you get confirm otherwise your coins will be back to you.

      Friends i contact with head of customer support.They said to me that if anyone get confirmation mail (i.e., a mail from hungama showing your product is confirmed) you will get product confirmly.

  80. jai says:

    dear admin and friends please help me how to order a product.i go to hrewards.hungama.com and add my product to cart after when i click it shows several boxes
    please help me brothers.

    • KV says:

      Change your browser. For example if you are using Chrome for booking , use another browser like IE or Mozilla, If you are using IE change to another browser.

      May be reasons are plugins are not updated in your browser or some plugins are not like *** your pages.

  81. Dikshant says:

    My order has been cancelled but I didn’t received coins(30060 coins).What to do now?Will I get my coins back or not?

  82. Parm Takrian says:

    A request to owner of this website to revise this post so that people should comment about what they have got.

  83. Kishan Sharma says:

    Those ********** ***** **** *** ***** hungama send me this mail today :-
    Dear Kishan,

    It has been observed that you have tampered with the Hungama website / application system in order to earn reward coins in a fraudulent manner.
    We have checked and verified through our systems and have identified that you have through wrongful means, attempted to earn the reward coins by misusing/tampering with the system/application. Your action clearly reflects your wrongful intention to earn easy coins in order to claim the rewards against the same. We do not tolerate anybody fiddling with our software/system or exploiting our systems in any manner whatsoever.

    With respect to your reward coins, we shall notify the actual number of coins that you have rightfully earned, after completion/reconfirmation of the entire reconciliation process, and accordingly we, at our discretion, will initiate the reward redemption process.

    We believe that you will comply with all the guidelines/terms of usage and shall not at any point of time misuse/violate the system or raise any false claims.

    We encourage you to continue using the services offered by Hungama and avail the benefits/rewards, by fair means.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pratik Patil
    Customer Support Team

    For further assistance, please feel free to reach us AT
    Landline No: +91 22 66664646
    Mobile No: +91 9223404646
    Monday to Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM (IST)

        • kp says:

          in my case they cancelled my 2 orders but didn’t returned any coins so i mailed them to repay it. I guess they replied due to this.
          any reply came after 1 day.

          • Kumar says:

            If they think people can abuse in earning coins, they should have developed the app with necessary measures. I am sure they will outright reject orders even if you have earned coins legitimately. It hurts them just to give away a smartphone for free, thats why they keep increasing redemption coins.

            If you seriously love to listen music, saavn is much better than this crappy app. It is just painful to endure this app and website.

  84. ajay says:

    Will they cancel ‘work in progress’ order? My samsung galaxy core 2 is on line. Please reply with correct answers bro.

  85. Shubham says:

    Have any one tried to contact hungama reward customers care this week For the reward.have anyone recived any reward.please reply

  86. Dikshant says:

    In case of top-up or recharges,it is successful under 48 hours but in physical rewards they are taking such a long time for verification and after verification they are cancelling the order and saying that you have earned coins in fraud manner.What the hell is this by Hungama??

  87. ajay says:

    Have any one recieve mobile phone from hungama, My order of samsung galaxy core 2 is placed in february, confirmed in march, work in progress in april, still not recieved. Will they cancel my order, my order is placed 52 days before in february.

  88. KV says:

    My Samsung galaxy core 2 still shows “Work in progress”. I placed order on 1 st of march and conformed on 18 th and changed shipping status to “Work in progress” on 2 nd of this month. When I start earning coins for Core 2 (11 th of February ) the mobile cost is 8,000 in flipkart, When I placed order (March 1) the mobile cost is 7,500 in flipkart, When the phone was conformed (18 th of march) the price was 7,000 and when my phone changed to “Work in progress” (2 nd of this month) the price was 6,800 now the price is 6,500.

  89. rahul says:

    Shubham, they are adding some new rewards. So that u can not see any reward. OK……

    Please help me anyone I order a power bank 5days ago.
    How many time its take???

    • Prashant says:

      I got my power bank after 20 days of points redemption. Hungama is a true site.. You will get your reward within 20-30 days. Have patience….

  90. vikas says:

    Dear vikas,

    Thank you for using Hungama App and for an overwhelming response towards reward program.

    As informed in earlier communication, your redemption request has been Approved. We apologize for the delay in product reaching your door steps. We have taken necessary steps to speed up the delivery of the product across pan India. Redeemed product will reach your destination in next 5 to 6 working days.

  91. vj srivastav says:

    Now I am damn sure that hungama will give us rewards. Today I have also get the same mail regarding my order that it will reach to you in next 5 to 6 working days I also called Hungama representatives and talk with them they replied me that due to over filing response we have stopped giving rewards for some days and fulfilling already placed order and your order will surely reached to you in next 5 to 6 working days.

  92. Amir says:

    @Vikas…Same mail i have got today morning…What do u think now vikas!! will they deliver our product surely in next 5-6 working days!!.. if they will do it than i will be happy for getting Xperia E3 😛

  93. kv says:

    Dear KV,

    Thank you for using Hungama App and for an overwhelming response towards reward program.

    As informed in earlier communication, your redemption request has been Approved. We apologize for the delay in product reaching your door steps. We have taken necessary steps to speed up the delivery of the product across pan India. Redeemed product will reach your destination in next 5 to 6 working days.

    Keep listening to your favourite music on Hungama.

    Warm Regards,

    Customer Support Team


    For further assistance, please feel free to reach us at

    Landline No: +91 22 66664646

    Mobile No: +91 9223404646

    Monday to Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM (IST)

  94. Amir says:

    Guys…agar tumne FAST FORWARD karke songs sune hoge then they will consider it as wrong and fraud manner…and after they will fail ur order…so dnt fast forward songs and videos…

    • ajay says:

      Amir bro, can you please tell me what exactly you mean by fast forwarding? Is changing songs after listening 2 or 3 minutes is also comes under wrong or fraud manner.

    • Dikshant says:

      But they are recharging(digital reward) even if we have earned by fast forwarding the songs.But they are not giving physical reward in such case.

  95. rahul says:

    Friends anyone help me, i order a powerbank on 8 april.

    I am very scariy that i earn coin by fast forwarding song and video. Please told me anyone who get conformation mail.

    Can i get fraudly manner. Or approved mail?

  96. apoorv says:

    guys whether you got mail as reply of your inquiry mails or everyone of you received the mail.because my order was approved on 23rd march and got approval mail too. but i didn’t receive mail that i will receive my product in 5-6 days…and some people had their order approved even after fast forwarding songs and videos.

  97. Amir says:

    they started filtering after increasing coins of products like xperia e3 was at 90000 coins…now they are filtering very precisely…Agar ab tumne fast forward kiya toh they will cancel ur order… mene Costumer support ko pucha tha

  98. Christian_bale says:

    My order status for lumia 630 showing confirmed today .
    But nothing in shipment Status.
    Will i recive my product or not?
    plz Ans..???

  99. DuRgEsH says:

    ordered mili power passion 5200Mhz powerbank 15days ago, confirmed 2days ago & after 2days of confirmation today i received mail of “confirmed & approved of my order. Now, just waiting to product gets delivered to home…

    • sahas says:

      when did you order ?when did the order confirmed ? and when did you received the order ?what product did you ordered ?and by which courier did you received the order ?and in which city are you from ?what is the address you received the order ?i too placed a order .,reply .,

  100. vj srivastav says:

    I have order a Samsung galaxy core 2 and i get it today with first flight courier. I have placed it on 14th march and get my order confirmed 10 days later and get approved my order 4 days later. My shipping status change to work in progress on 27th March and I get the product today…….!!!!!

    • sahas says:

      dude from which city you were i order nokia lumia 630 on mar 9 and got confirmed on 19th mar ,but till now i didn,t received the order ,from which city you were .are you from capital or metropolitan city ?eagerly waiting for the order ,

    • kv says:

      Bro really did you receive, because I ordered Samsung Core 2 on 1 st March & conformed on 19 th March, still I have not received my phone. still it shows Work in Progress.

  101. sagar says:

    Hi friends; ihave order Swiss military bag at 2 april but cant varified yet any one have varification after 2 April ordered product.please reply

  102. Amir says:

    Guys…My Sony Xperia E3 phone Shipment status changed to ‘Dispatched’ today.
    I hv booked my phone on 10 March..it was confirmed on 20 March…Now i will get my product in next 4-5 days 😉

  103. sai says:

    Guys for NOKIA LUMIA we have to wait some time that is few days for dispatching of the product.
    Is there any one received nokia lumia these days.Is there any one received swiss military bag these days?

    • sahas says:

      no not received nokia lumia 630 till now .,,and still the order is in ‘work in progress ‘still in how many days will they send the order in how many days any body had idea about this ?

  104. kv says:

    Vikas bhai, do you receive your Samsung Core 2. My order still shows Work in Progress, but I received mail on 12 th of April, You Product is at your door step in 5 to 6 days. Please reply bhai.

  105. KV says:

    Friends I called to Customer care, Asked about My Samsung Galaxy core 2 (which I ordered 3 rd of March and conformed on 18 th of March) She told me “Stock is not available now, we will ship your product between 25 and 40 days. I told her I received a mail from Hungama (Your order will reach at your door step 5 to 6 days..) she told me Please wait at-least a month.

    • sahas says:

      how did you contacted the customer care ?they are not responding to mails ? and they are also not attending calls ?i too order mobile phone still not received more than 40 days completed , still shows work in progress ?any body reply ?

      • kv says:

        sahas bro, I tried more than 50 times to connect the call, my good lock finally today evening picked up my call, I tried since yesterday.

  106. adi says:

    how much time do they take to deliever order…???…I placed order on 2 april but its still showing status as ‘ Verification in process’..will i get my order delievered ever..??

  107. chris says:

    when they will add products again?? its been around 5 days without products in their website. can anyone asked this matter with support team. pls reply

  108. parm takrian says:

    Guys they take hardly 3 months to deliver your product.Better buy your own phone instead of die waiting like me.I ordered Samsung Core 2 on February 23 and still waiting to get my product.I don’t think I’m gonna get it before 2016 hahaha

  109. ajay says:

    My order of samsung galaxy core 2 order on february 15 still showing work in progress. I also got email on 12th april that my order will be delivered to me in next 5-6 working days. But after what KV says i am getting sure that hungama is fraud and fooling all of us in the name of reward. Don’t use this fraud app anymore, no one will get anything, only someone 5 out of 100 lucky will get the gift.

  110. krishna says:

    @ajay i too received a mail that ill be receiving the product in next 5-6 working days on 12th of April but still not yet received. i contacted the costumer care service, by gods grace my call was connected and they are saying that it has been dispatched from their side, delay is from the courier service!!! who knows whats the reason is! but yeah almost all recharges i did were successful(except 2). hope for the best! i ordered my product on 8th of march and confirmation on 19th of march!!

  111. ajay says:

    I contacted Hungama today about my order status, she said that product is not in stock and we cannot give you any date when it will be dispatched. I am thinking that at the end they will cancel the order making excuse of non availabilty. Fraud app.. i wasted my time.

  112. solanki says:

    Hi they have reduce balance amount to 10rs. Now you can order only 10 rs for 800 coins . What the hell is going to hungama

    • krishna says:

      yaa you are right ! ive checked juss now! hungama has done a lot of publicity in ads and all soo more and more people are using the app and website thats why they have reduced everything and increased the value of redemption! Ive stopped using this bakwass and stupid website and app!!! and yeah my order status is still work in progress!! poori zindagi work in progress me chale jayega shayadh ! dosto tum bhi koi dua matt rakho product milega bolke kyunki ey dene wale hi nai hai ! and for all those who received products congrats !

  113. krishna says:

    2 days before recharge was done in 10 secs now again same 3 days procedure !! really irritating ! 10 rupees ke liye 3 din intezaar karna lol lol lol lol lol !!!!!!111

  114. Amir says:

    Friends…I recieved my Xperia E3 Phone Today

    i hv ordered on 10th March and Confirmed on 20 March and Dispatched on 15 April and Recived on 18 April…m so Happy..Thnks sooooooooo mchhhhhh Hungama 😉

  115. ajay says:

    but Parm bro my order is still in work in progress. Is anybody more also has shipping status change to On Hold like Parm Takrian?

  116. sai says:

    i have talk with hungama team about my order. they are saying my product is dispatched from them and reach by next saturday.
    but i asked them about my status showing workinprogress. they replied they dontknow about that. and also they are saying im calling to them soo many times.
    (i got angry for that they didnt give the products as mentioned in the terms and conditions but they are saying we are calling too much i called them max 3-4 times.
    may be because of over calls they are feeling very torchered because it is only call center not belongs to hungama it is just hungama giving contract with ensumer comunication call center).

  117. krishna says:

    stupid website and costumer care ka toh rehene hi dho !! arey maine toh coins karna hi chodh diya ! they have replied that my product will be reaching me in 5-6 days but it dint !

  118. mathew says:

    my order status changed to on hold
    i called the customer care
    the courier service they tied up with are not able to deliver in address
    the reward program now seems fake ( as someone said only lucky 5 or 6 out of 100 will get )
    Even if they promise to give to all who got confirmation then we may get it in 2016

  119. aaa says:

    I think whoever got approval of order email….their product has been dispatched….my shipping status also changed to dispatched

  120. nhprasad says:

    I ordered Samsung galaxy core2 on April 3rd. Because they increased coins, and my order still showing verification in process, anybody there who ordered on Apr 3.. Is iam getting recharge if I redeem coins for recharge now..

    • Stark says:

      yes..bro.. me too ordered Nokia Lumia 630 on 2nd April..mine too is showing Verification in process till now after 16 days of odering..

  121. chris says:

    U people able to select products and redeem it. from the website. I am not able to order the products. u have any idea about this.utkarsh bro pls post when they add products to their website.

    • ajay says:

      2 mahine purane order to deliver kar nahi rahe hai sagar bhaijaan aur tum naye products website par add karne ki baat kar rahe ho.

        • mathew says:

          theu told that they will send package once they have stock
          they gave assurance that if we have got confirmation mail, we are eligible to get product.
          they were having trouble with stock and courier partners

  122. Anurag srivastava says:

    Got my iball speakers today. Superb audio quality. And original product. Recieved via aramax courier..

  123. Ayush Agarwal says:

    I am tooooo happy because I got Samsung Galaxy Core 2 today via Blue Dart courier service.I ordered it on 21 march.I also ordered a iball hybrid mini 8 GB pendrive on 17 march and got it today.
    Thanks Hungama.

  124. ajay says:

    Those who gave order in march are getting their rewards but those who order in february are not getting. What a bakwaas and shit app this is. If they don’t have stock then why they confirm and approve the order? and why they sent mail that order will be deliver is 5-6 working days? This hungama app has totally fooled us in the name of rewards. There are other music app also like gaana and wynk but the good things about these apps are they don’t lie like hungama and gave false promises. Those who really want to listen music join wynk or gaana.

  125. Parm Takrian says:

    People who ordered their products in march got the reward but people like me who ordered the product in February didn’t get it yet.What a stupid reward program by Hungama.

    • ajay says:

      Mene wohi to kaha ki tumhe jo product mila hai woh LUCKY DRAW se mila mila hai. warna kyu february ka order kiya hua product dispatch nahi karte hai aur march walo ka karte hai? Hungama is fooling us from the beginning. fraud app

  126. vivek says:

    they are not fooling guys ,the products are just out of stock ,today I got my lumia 630 ,order placed on 5th march….thanks utkarsh bro for telling about hungama

    • ajay says:

      If products are out of stock then why they listed them on their rewards site?
      and how they allow to redeem a product which is not in their stock? and why they are not delivering those who order first? will you answer these simple questions? They are fooling us

  127. bharath says:

    guyzzzz i had ordered lenovo a7-50 on 28mar now they showing approval failure my coins 62000 had been lost plzzz tell any procedure to get coins back???? plzz help me guyzz

  128. Stark says:

    20 days after placing order.. status is still under verification.. i think they are going to cancel the order soon.. because all my bros. who have recieved their orders had confirmed orders in 10 days…

  129. Christian _bale says:

    I got a mail from hungama that,

    Thank you for using our services and participation.
    Product Name:Nokia Lumia 630 Dual Sim
    Status: Request Approved:

    We wish to inform you that your request has been verified and approved.

    Approved order has been sent for processing, it would take a maximum
    of 21 working days for delivery for product.

    As a valuable customer; we appreciate your feedback which would help
    us to improve our services.

    Keep listening to your favourite music on Hungama ?Dabake Suno, Dabake Jeeto?

    Warm Regards,
    Customer Support Team

  130. sagar says:

    Hi friends i have order swiss military bag and head phone at 2 & 9 april but can’t confirm yet. Any one here who order in April an approved their product

  131. dabba says:

    got my lumia 630 today..ordered on 12th march for 30050 coins…confirmed on site on 23rd march..approved by mail on 25th march….shipping status changed to dispatched on 18th april and received my mobile on 22nd april…

  132. ajay says:

    I just read terms and conditions of rewards 360- Due to unavailability of stock we reserve the right to cancel the order.
    So if they are saying that stock is not available, it will never available. To jisko bhi hungama ne yeh kaha hai ki product stock me nahi hai unko kabhi milne wala nahi hai, including me.
    I am feeling guilty why I use this Stupid, fraud, fake app.

    • krishna says:

      @ajay ya i have contacted them not only this week i call them every day only answer ALL OUR EXECUTIVES ARE BUSY ATTENDING OTHER CALLS PLEASE HOLD THE LINE AS YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US thats it isse acha toh iske baare me jaana hi nai tha jaanke order karke ab nai aara hamara order boletoh acha nai lagtha!

  133. ajay says:

    @parm @krishna @kv This hungama is fake. Guys if you really want to earn rewards join “Timespoints.com” a program of times internet group. They deliver through shopping.indiatimes.com in just seven days. Here you can easily get gifts like headphone, pendrives, home appliances, watches and other gifts. I got skyline 2 slice sandwich maker, headphone, pendrive and 5 tier wall shelf by just doing activities on its different sites, some famous are itimes.com, navbharattimes, speakingtree.in etc.

  134. Swathi says:

    I have ordered Nokia Lumina 630 on 2 nd of April at 53,000 coins but still it shows “Verification in Process”. It takes 21 days. Friends any one can you please tell me, how many days Hungama takes to conform mobiles like Lumina 630 and how many days it takes to deliver after verification.

  135. rahul says:

    got my iball soundwave 2.0 speaker today order on 26th march for 7350 coins confirmed on 12th april still shipping status show on site is work in progress surprised but today i received my rewards from aramex courier thanks hungama.

  136. Prashant says:

    I would say thanks to Utkarsh bro who post about this offer 2 months ago. I got Lumia which I ordered on 7 march and received on 21 April.
    But now there is no product on hungama reward site.. Ab product aayenge site par ya offer closed ho jaayega??

    • krishna says:

      @prashant i have contacted hungama costumer care they are saying the same as shown in website they are wraping new gifts it seems ! but i think they are planning to close the reward system ! bcuz are unable to reward everyone example me and u! u got it i dint! like dat !

  137. ajay says:

    hungama is giving products by lottery system. Isliye jyaada hope mat rakhna doston. jiska naseeb hoga use milega. Bas Gham is baat ka hai ki itni badi company ne matra apne fayde ke liye hazaaron logo se jhoot kaha. shame on you Hungama……

  138. bharatg says:

    Guyzzzz my lenovo tab approval failure on 22 Apr ….
    Wrote mail regarding this issue but no reply
    Tell how can I get points back

  139. Divyam says:

    How much will they wrap…???
    Its been a very long time since they are wrapping..
    Is the offer closed now…then why am wasting my time!!!!

  140. nhprasad says:

    Day before yesterday I tried to contact hungama customer care but they put me on hold and disconnected after two minutes… After 2 days means today I got call from hungama customer support stating that sorry for inconvenience.. Than they asked my problem… I said I ordered galaxy core2 on April 3 and which is still in verification.. But they didn’t say about order when it will be confirmed and dispatch details… He said that it will come surley.. Does anybody’s ordered confirmed who ordered on apr3.

  141. rk says:

    shipment status par depend mat raho agar tumhara order confirm hua hai to reward jarur milega. agar points songs forward karke bnaye hai to confirm order cancel ho jayega.

  142. ajay says:

    @ KV, @Parm @krishna @ utkarsh or any bros Kya 2 ya 3 minutes sunne ke baad agar gaana change karte hai to kya wo bhi “forward” karna kahlayega? Please answer bros

      • ajay says:

        but @utkarsh bro i have not listen song completely, i listen more than 2 or 3 minutes, but i got mail from hungama on 12th april that my confirmed order will be dispatched to me in 5-6 working days and i did’nt get my product yet. Is due to this that I do not listen song completely they are not dispatching it? please reply bro

        • krishna says:

          @ajay its not due to that ! agar aisa hona hi tha toh verification in process me hi rehta tha aur mail aata tha ki u have earned coins in wrong way aisa parr nai aaya na aur mail bhi aaya ki delivery hogi ! i think the product is out of stock! dats y !! you and me go mail on same day that our product will be delivered in 5-6 days! by the way were do u live i mean which state and city im from hyderabad

  143. iqbal says:

    I want to know why it shows approval failure I ordered 3 things 2powerbank, Bluetooth speaker one powerbank I got and other things it shows approval failure what its means plz help

  144. Gaurav 04 says:

    hey guys ….i have 16000 coins in my Account. and want a suggestion should i go 4 a recharge or should buy a product..
    I am not able to see any prodct in reward section.

  145. Ajay says:

    I got samsung galaxy core 2 (black) today from aramex courior, on rewards site it is white colour. so hungama is genuine but too much slow.
    My 3rd order of nokia lumia 630 which i order on 7th april is verification in process. hoping that it will confirm as my second order of nokia 630 approval failed.

  146. Ajay says:

    now on my account order history of hrewards, when we click on our order number no order( product) is showing. so mujhe aisa lagta hai ki they will not confirm any more orders.

  147. ajay says:

    has any one get mobile order confirm or deliver “two” times from hungama? please reply agar kisi ka bhi 2 mobile ka order confirm hua ho to.

  148. vj srivastav says:

    My order status is showing blank since 4 days. I talk to hungama but they are not saying any thing clearly. Previous it was on hold. Now what to do. Please help me what to do????

  149. vikas says:

    I ordered Samsung core 2 on 24 Feb its confirmed on 18 march and get a mail for Hungama on 12 April but I can’t receive my order yet I call Hungama they say due to defective product take long time .when item come back to stock deliver product next week

    • ajay says:

      @vj srivastav Is your second core 2 order also get confirmed? please reply because my nokia lumia 630 is verfication in process.

  150. vj srivastav says:

    Ya all order get confirmed. And main thing bro only confirmed order get delivered. If ur order does not get confirmed then u will not get the products . So just wait and wish.

    • mathew says:

      You must thank god that atleast you got 1 phone. There are many like me who haven’t got anything and we kept waiting for so much time

  151. krishna says:

    @vj yeah bro ur ryt! wait! i have ordered core 2 and lumia core 2 was confirmed on 19th march lumia verification !! waiting

  152. KV says:

    Friends today I have received Samsung Core 2 which I ordered on 3 rd of March. One of my friend’s brother is working in Hungama (server maintenance) he helped me to resend because in my town there is no courier service so he helped me to resend my Core to my uncle’s home in Tirupati. I received through BlueDart courier, It was shipped on Friday evening at 4.27 pm from Bangalore. it was white colour phone but quality of phone is not grate little bit delicate.

    Note: If you believe or not…

    Hungama going to reduce earning coins value for songs and videos and also increases the value of gifts. There is only 1 gift for PlayStation, Samsung Galaxy S 6, Music System and Bollywood star chance to meet. Now they spent more than 2.4 crore (2,40,00,000) rupees only for Samsung Core 2. In few days 1,00,000+ coins need for core 2 or Nokia Lumina 630.

    Now I am still waiting for My Nokia Lumina 630 which I ordered on 2 nd of April still it shows Verification in Process. It also will verify with in end of this month definitely. Now they changed their gifting procedure.

    All the best friends

    My special thanks to Utkar bhai (verifiedtricks.in), my friend Babu and my friend’s Brother.

  153. vj srivastav says:

    Bro I got a call from hungama today they asked me that have u got the product I said no and they disconnected the phone…

  154. ajay says:

    Hungama team is busy in “cricket store”, so they are not verifying & confirming mobile orders of april.

  155. satish says:

    hiii I’m unable to redeem my points. It says we are wrappig fresh product for u. And its been almost all 20 days still the same message is showing. Does anybody suffer if from the same problem

  156. chris says:

    damn hungama!!!!!! everyone rate zero in the play store. they won’t check ur mails. and won’t respond to ur mail!! let every other user know about what the heck they are doing

  157. ajay says:

    problem of hungama is that they are verifying each and every coin of users. If someone make 10000 coins its obvious that some coins are made by unfair means unintentionally and they failing their approval. Lekin aisa karke hungama apna hi nuksaan kar raha hai. just see reviews on play store, mostly negative.

  158. vj srivastav says:

    @KV can u please consult ur friends brother for my order. Same situation is with me. Courier is not able to send mobile in my city and I have also sent an alternate address… Please please pkease broo….

    • mathew says:

      me too have same problem.
      courier agency is not operating in my place so i have given alternate address but they didn’t delivered or gave any reply.

  159. Abhi says:

    I’m still collecting coins because I believe that hungama will come back with new rewards. I’m only collecting 500coins per day thus I have collected 22000 coins yet .I’m so excited to place my second order

  160. Stark says:

    after 1month and 3 day…yesterday my order of nokia lumia 630 has been aproved..now lets hope it would reach to me in 21 working days..

    guy… how much time it my take indeed of 21 days ?

  161. sagar says:

    Ya bro my order also approved yesterday and should delivered in 21 days. Hope to get quickly my first order from hungama

  162. nhprasad says:

    After a long wait.. Today my order status changed to work in progress.. Ordered on 3-april-2015. Does it mean it took some more days to confirm.. and then later they dispatch the item..
    Pls help. What does ‘work in progress’ mean? And they really deliver the product within 21 Woking days???

  163. krishna says:

    hey frnds i if we redeem our coins for a match ticket will they take 1 month to give ticket ?? if any one tried plz comment here and share ur experience with us !!

    • KV says:

      Hey Krishna I redeemed 2 Tickets. It conformed and Sent to me, Whole process took 5 days (From order to deliver). Now i’m in Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Really superb experience, I never watch cricked lively in stadium. I tried couple of times but failed but Hungama gifted me watch live battle. I hope defiantly you will enjoy this experience.

      • krishna says:

        @KV thanks ! But as u mentioned it took u 5 days ? but it was delivered to you before the match right ? if i book ticket today for tomorrow match what about that ? this is my doubt actually but thanks for reply @kv @rk

      • Sushant says:

        through armax @stark

        thanks @ajay and order status didn’t change it is still ‘Verification in Process’ even after i got my phone delivered but shipment status is “dispatched”

    • prashant says:

      @Sushant, I also got Lumia 630. Did you download hungama app on your Lumia 630. If yes, please can you tell me where can I see the earned coins in WINDOWS app of hungama?????? Please @utkarsh, if you know tell me…

  164. sagar says:

    Yeepi my sheiheisher hd180 headphone approved now which i order 9 march. Deadly waiting for my
    1 ) Swiss military bag approved
    2 ) sheinheisher headphone
    Also approved.
    And also tell that hungama also use speed post of indian post services to delivery of product, aeramex & blue durt.

  165. krishna says:

    i think rewards will not open until pending redeemed rewards are successfully dispatched ! I think they may allow us to redeem after all pending are done.

  166. Shubham says:

    have any one recived any message asking for address from hungama for dispatch the product.please reply I have recived the message

  167. sagar says:

    Hi friends i got my sennheiset head phone. Ordered at 9april confirmed at 8may and i got by aramex courier.
    Im waitting for my swiss military bag which i order 2April and confirmed at 5may

    • Stark says:

      me too bro.. waiting for nokia lumia 630 to be delivered to me.. ordered on 2nd april and confirmed on 5 mayzl..

  168. Lakshya says:

    I think now all this offer is over , only Rs 10 recharge is there and in electronics section they saying we are wrapping something special for you since april

  169. ajay says:

    i contact hungama today as my order is in verification from 7th april, they said that we are adding new products so we are taking time for verification. But i don’t understand their logic. “naye products add karne ka purane order ke verification se kya lena dena”

  170. Shubham says:

    I have recived a mail today.
    Dear Shubham,Congratulations on winning:-Samsung Galaxy Core 2 G355H.We are really happy for you and we would like to share this story with everyone through our website.So, just send us your latest picture along with the product that you have won, and tell us in a line or two about how you felt when Hungama gave you a chance to win something for doing what you love the most ? listening to music.Alternatively, you could also share a video that captures this story.As a valued customer, your comments and ratings always inspire us to put our best foot forward and serve you even better. Hence, we would request you to spare a few minutes of your valuable time to rate and review us in the App Store. Click herehttp://bit.ly/1vJqfcxKeep listening to your favorite music on Hungama. Keep winning.Contact Number: 91 22 66664646 or 91 9223404646 | Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. (IST)Warm regards,Customer Support Teamwww.hungama.comReply
    but not recived the products

  171. ajay says:

    can anyone explain this @krishna @kv @utkarsh @lakshya or any bro . My order which i placed on 7th april is now showing approval failure. but my previous order of 14th march which is already approval failed now showing verification in progress. How this can happen?

  172. sai says:

    hey guys,
    hungama is doing overaction now.

    ACTUALLY, my product swiss military bag was confirmed in march.upto yesterday it was confirmed state but now it is showing verification in progress what the hell is going on their.I have contact them they are saying product is out of stock so we kept your confirmed to verification in procress.

    i think after few days they mail me that you have earned coins in wrong manner so your order is cancel for that reason…! IF they dont have stock why they approved first after that they again kept in verification in process.

  173. mathew says:

    anyone here whose status changed from confirmed to verification in process ?
    why did they done that ?
    i waited for 50+ days for one and only product i ordered ?
    i called and asked. They replied that all products are out of stock and again they are verifying confirmed persons account to shortlist few
    They check my patience to the extend
    Wasted many days waiting and calling them

  174. ajay says:

    today my order staus change from approval failure to verification in progress. strange things are happening in hungama

  175. ajay says:

    Also my another order which is confirmed and delivered also showing verification in progress. what the hell is going

  176. vj srivastav says:

    My order also showing confirmed and dispatched but now it is showing verification in process. What’s wrong with hungama yaar

  177. ajay says:

    now today shipment status of my first order which was showing delivered from many days, today it is showing work in progress. ha ha ha ye ho kya raha hai ? koi batayega?

  178. vj srivastav says:

    Thanks to hungama because yesterday I finally got my samsung galaxy core 2 ordered on 14th march via speed post. It is black in colour and the product is very good overall thanks to hungama because they send the product even after a long time when I lost my all hope of getting the product so a great thanks to hungama and morever to all of you.

  179. chris says:

    anyone knows when they will put n
    ew rewards to the website.. I came to know that they will soon shut down their rewards system

  180. sagar says:

    Any one ordered and get swiss military bag. Please tell Bcoz i order at 2 April and confirm on 5 may but not received yet.

  181. Stark says:

    got my lumia 630 today. in dehradun .. ordered on 2 april..confirmed on 5th may.. dispatched. 17 may.. today 🙂

    • prashant says:

      @Stark, If you download the hungama app on your Lumia 630, let me know that where to see earned coins in Windows hungama app??

  182. ajay says:

    @all verifiedtricks Bro Can anyone please help me? I had give 3 orders. 1st delivered, 2nd approval fail, 3rd also approval fail. But when 3rd get approval fail my 2nd order goes into Verification in Progress. please help me why this happen?

    • vikas singh says:

      @ ajay you have any idea how to get refund coin when approval failure please reply my two products approval failure about 50k coin

  183. BIKKY SINHA says:

    Finally got my Iball speaker today by ARAMEX COURIER..Its not at all fake
    Its Genuine..process is littile bit slow..

    i am from PATNA,BIHAR..

  184. nhprasad says:

    Hi frnds.. Today I got msg regarding address and I accidentally sent unfinished msg and after I sent my complete address.. Does they consider my second msg.. Because of 1st uncompleted msg.. Pls help anyone who knows about this……..

  185. ajay says:

    I contact hungama today about my approval failure of my 2nd and 3rd order, he say that i have not listen song completely and they will return coin rightfully earned, so i am advicing all hungama users to “listen song completety”.

  186. nhprasad says:

    Finally… After along wait. Today I got my Samsung core 2, delivered by blue dart courier. Ordered on 3-april, confirmed on 5-may. Delivered on 19-may.. Thank you HUNGAMA!!

  187. Lucky Tiwari says:

    Hi friends, I amvvery happy today bcz my Samsung Galaxy core 2 mobile has received via courier. I have been ordered on 22 March and confirm on 31 March and approvedon 13 April.
    Thanks Hungama

  188. mathew says:

    Finally got lumia 630 white !!!
    ordered on march 16 and confirmed on 27 march and was on hold for quite some time
    delivered by speedpost ( i told them this at the beginning – now their heads worked )
    By the way which colour you all got ( as shown in pic ) ?
    Can we claim warranty in future or no warranty on gift phones ?

  189. ajay says:

    @krishna my order approval fail on 14th may but i still don’t get my coins back. please tell bro what can i do? i mailed hungama also contact them through phone, they said that they will return coins but i do not receive yet. please tell me bro what should i do?

    • krishna says:

      @ajay same problem bro as i have mentioned even my order approval failure 53000 coins wasted !!! even i contacted hungama services they are saying they will give back the coins but no specific date soo i think they will return back coins may be next year HUNGAMA=DELAY!!!!

  190. ajay says:

    @krishna bro are you know what can be the reasons behind our order failures? As far as i know I am listening full songs and watching full videos, despite that my order approval fail. please reply bro

    • krishna says:

      @ajay may be one song i have listened completely that’s why they have cancelled my approval each and every coin should be according to their terms and conditions !!

  191. jephin joseph says:

    Why I’m seeing 404:page not found..when I click on forgot password and enters email…???plss answer 🙁

  192. sai says:

    yesterday evening at 7pm all products are came back but they are in cart for only 10 minutes i ordered nokia lumia 630 for 53000 coins in that 5 minutes after my order succesfully applied they again went to wrapping new gifts.

  193. ajay says:

    Dear User,
    It has been observed that you have tampered with the Hungama website / application system in order to earn reward coins in a fraudulent manner.
    We have checked and verified through our systems and have identified that you have through wrongful means, attempted to earn the reward coins by misusing/tampering with the system/application. Your action clearly reflects your wrongful intention to earn easy coins in order to claim the rewards against the same. We do not tolerate anybody fiddling with our software/system or exploiting our systems in any manner whatsoever.

    With respect to your reward coins, we shall notify the actual number of coins that you have rightfully earned, after completion/reconfirmation of the entire reconciliation process, and accordingly we, at our discretion, will initiate the reward redemption process.

    We believe that you will comply with all the guidelines/terms of usage and shall not at any point of time misuse/violate the system or raise any false claims.

    We encourage you to continue using the services offered by Hungama and avail the benefits/rewards, by fair means.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pratik Patil
    Customer Support Team
    But i know that i have not tampered their system and how can i?
    Is anyone got mobile even after this message?
    please reply bro?

    • sai says:

      no ajay you have got already one product from hungama so you have to use other email id so that you will get other product to that address if you got one product to one email you will not another product to that email especially phones . so you will not get your order and points will be back after long schedule of time like my order got cancelled in march 1st week i got coins back in may 1st week

      • ajay says:

        @Sai but sai i read reply of a review by hungama on play store that they disapprove a order of a person by saying that he had make multiple email ids.
        so how can i make multiple email id? Is their system not identify me? can i use same mobile to use hungama through another email id?
        please reply bro.

  194. Navdeep says:

    Helo Admin.In Hungama Reward is there only maximum RS/10 recharge is avilable or RS 50 and 100 is also avilabile currently . Please confirm

  195. ajay says:

    @krishna @sai thanks bro. Can i use same mobile to use with different email id? Is my IP address not seen by hungama?

  196. sai says:

    hungama will not bother about ip address but dont use same number because they may cancel it. but for me i have ordered 2 products with same number but it is not preferable so go try with different number even use your friends numbers or family numbers that will not bother you and you will not get any message about delivery of that product unless your address is not correct with hungama policy

  197. ajay says:

    @krishna @sai thanks bro for advice but it is too risky for me to use hungama with another email id because it will take minimum 60-70 days to make 53000 coins and after giving order there is no surety that i will get my reward. So it will be better for me to wait for my 53100 coins refund, as i have 27000 coins still in my account and then i will give order and if they rejected again i will stop using hungama permanently.

  198. ajay says:

    @rahul either they verify your whole account or verify your disapproved order and find your unfairly earned coins and so they deduct your coins.

  199. ajay says:

    @vikas singh have your coins get refunded of your cancelled order.I dont get my coins refunded. Please reply bro

  200. Nishant says:

    Ye hungama wale ab paagal bana rahe hai

    Gifts wala section band kar rakha hai 2 months se.
    And hum log paaglo ki tarah lage hai website use karne me

    2 month se ye new gift laa hi nahi paye kya…

    Full ullu banaying boss.

  201. sai says:

    Friends rewards are opening approx 7pm to 7:30 pm weakly once.

    I have ordered my second mobile and recieved in a week.

  202. sai says:

    on that day i just open for recharge and just click on that it opened and i opened my another account which have 60 k coins and try to book lumia 630 but its not going well when i am trying to add to cart it showing some error at 7 o clock and at 7:20pm it added to cart and fastly i have fill all the details and redemed this process takes me upto 7:28 pm and i successfully ordered that phone.and changed another account of my friend and open the cart at 7:30 pm it shows wrapping again….!

    Totally hungama gives me 25k worth products upto now…!

  203. chris says:

    is the products visible??/ in which webpage and I have only one account not more than that. please explain how to redeem in steps pls bro

  204. ajay says:

    Now hungama removed Other categories option from rewards section. Either they stopped it forever or they are in process of adding new products

  205. nikhil says:

    ab kuch nahi denge ye. jitna dena tha de diya. ab to log rewards ke liye hungama use karte hi rahenge. mujhe to sai ki baat jhooth lag rahi hai. he must be from hungama team. only he’s saying that he got a reward in 10-12 days. no one else has seen any reward on their website for the last 2 months. he’s lying so that we don’t stop using hungama.

  206. sai says:

    For all those who are not trusting me just see this image.


    open this link and see my order details dont hurt me again.

    And i have called to hungama today and asked about that they are saying cart may not be come i argued with them they are saying only one thing they dont know when cart came. when i asked about in future cart will be back or not. they replied that also dont know.even i asked about mobile recharges that when it will discontinue for that also they said dont know.

  207. chris says:

    i believe @sai……tell me the step by step procedure to order phone I got confused. I can only see mobile recharge till now. how to order mobile????

  208. ajay says:

    Now look at their newest fake reviews on playstore, every one giving 5 star. Hungama is total fraud company, i am saying this even i got one mobile.

  209. chris says:

    its not displaying the rewards only then how to order I am daily visiting the website its just saying wrapping

  210. mukesh says:

    Thankul u
    Today i will get my lenovo a750 tab from armax courior
    Ordered on 26 may
    Confirmed on 9 june

  211. sai says:

    rewards stopped now. They are not saying when will they start again. probably just put an hope. i also dont know is they will back or not. I think they stopped for this season. i cannot give you a any suggestion about that points. my self using the coins for recharges daily with limit of only 2 numbers per day.

  212. Rajat says:

    I have 5 lakh coins but I Can see rewards options but can’t find to open it… No action is taken when I click to the reward option…

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