How to transfer balance from your mobile(all networks)

Almost all mobile operators are providing balance transfer service but
it is limited within their *own* network,that means you cannot transfer
your balance to users of another networks,here is a list of major
networks and way to transfer balance from them

1) Airtel::
just dial *141# and select share talk time>enter an amount (min:5)>enter
airtel *number* you want to transfer money

2) Vodafone::

Dial *131*Amount*Mobile No.#
Charges:: Rs.3/- Per Transaction.
Amt range:: Rs.5/- To Rs. 30/-

3)  !dea::
and send it to 55567
Eg. GIVE 9781008677 50 to
Charges:: Rs.2/- Per Transaction.
Amt range:: NA

4) Tata DoCoMo::

SMS BT(space)Mobile
No(space)Amount TO 54321.
Charges:: Rs.1/- Per Transaction.
Amt range:: No Limit.

5) Uninor::

Dial :: *201*<10digit Mobile *Number*>*# (To Request For
Balance Transfer.)
Dial :: *202*<10digit Mobile *Number*>*amount# (To initiate
the transfer. )
Charges :: Rs.2/-
Amt range:: Rs.5/- To Rs. 50/-

6) Aircel::
and follow instructions

7) Vodafone::*
The donor needs to dial *131*(mrp)*# For example. *131*15*9820012345#

To request balance *132*(mrp)*# For example. *132*15*9820012345#

8) Bsnl::
GIFT(space)(BSNL NO.)(space)(Amount) and send it to 53733 or 53738
GIFT 9451000000 50 to 53733 or 53738

Note:transferring may be limited to selected circles,depending on your

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