How to send a blank message on whatsapp

Hi with this trick you can amaze your friends,sending blank message to them

Just copy this text ” ﱞ”
And paste it in whatsapp message box and send it done the message will be blank and sent


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16 thoughts on “How to send a blank message on whatsapp

  1. madhavan says:

    it is not working 🙁
    can u pls help me on this…
    2 days back I received a blank msg from a number
    I just want to know whether It was by the person or bug from messenger. I don’t have the person contact number saved into my phonebook but 2 weeks before I received blank msg, I add the contact to view status and deleted immediately.
    I am trying this blank msg trick but It is not working. Pls let me know how possible to send this blank msg, mine is iphone Samsung.

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  3. Nitin says:

    Its Working… Paste it without inverted comma’s.
    There is a simple trick, If someone has sent you such blank message then instead of copying this, just forward that blank message to your other contacts… It will perform the same..

  4. Dipendra Shekhawat says:

    Nice article but the blank message is not working now in updated whatsapp version anymore. It used to work in previous versions of whatsapp.

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