How to deactivate facebook by fonetwish *325#

Many of us don’t know how to deactivate facebook by fonetwish *325# as a
result of which we lose 1rs/day n 30rs/mnth

,even if u waste ur time talking to customer care they wont satisfy u
bcoz they can’t

if u have activated it simply dial *325# press exit and then goto
account settings and choose logout. And it will be easily deactivated.

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37 thoughts on “How to deactivate facebook by fonetwish *325#

  1. manish says:

    Hello i’m was using fonetwish app on airtel. And now i’m not using that service but still i’m get notification from it and also messages please help me. i’m to scared now because that airtel no. is not my please help me please give me a solution i’m also deactivated from that phone but still i’m receiving message please help me fast.

    • sai abhishek says:

      In have the same problem and now i don’t want to get a notification although they don’t charge me . I need a solution immediately .

  2. ritika deswal says:

    sir i want to deactivate from facebook by fonetwish but *325*22# option is not working……plz tel me some other way to stop getting message alerts from facebook by fonetwish.

  3. Akash says:

    hello i m using airtel .i want to deactivate facebook by fontewish*325*22# but it is not working and plzzz tell how i log out

  4. sss says:

    I want to stop receiving messages notification time I used this service on my father’s air tel mobile no.but after log out it still receiving message notification s on that number.I m berry worried about it pls give me and fast what I do..

  5. akash52 says:

    hello friends, if you want to deactivate facebook fonetwish, i can help you out, i was also fed up of messages and notifications flashing on my phone screen,bt i hav deactivated that..

  6. Shyam Verma says:

    all u hav to dois open ur fb acount,go to settings,
    there is an “Apps” link,
    click on that, u will find “facebookfor USSD”
    justopen that app and remove from you acount.

    u can write to me when it is done..bless you..

  7. Sailan says:

    TO GET Rid OF FONETWIS try this for Docomo ….call 198 customer care..then press 1 , then press 2,then 3 & lastly 1………..( 198 1231)After some time you will get message that your subscription to facebook by fonetwis has been cancelled,by TA-HUWWAP…

  8. aakiyara says:

    It ws really really helpful to me . Today i got to knw internet is not only meant for whatsapp or fb but it gives us many other info. too

  9. akash says:

    I tries each step of switching off the notifications but nothings’s working. I hav airtel SIM. I even msgd them to “stop” facebook for USSD but it shows that there is no service active on my SIM. I am freakin’ out. Plz do help.
    Or I should just make another fb account? To hell with Airtel.

  10. Unnati says:

    I dialed that no. and it showed “unsubscribed” but it wont stop sending me messages and I dont want to receive those messages please someone help me out and the USSD app doesnt show in my facebook apps! God!

  11. Shivam says:


    i log out my id by using *325*22# but when someone msg me it shows in my mobile ..
    so tell me how i can stop this

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