Hot offers of the day:Send 200 to a friend and get 200 cashback at Mowa app,Complete tasks and get Paytm coupons from Yink app,Free photo prints and tshirts at 99

Presenting some of the hottest offers of the day,Mowa an app that simplifies sending and receiving money from your mobile,it let’s us make payments to friends,family,merchants,directly to their bank accounts or as mobile recharge is offering 200 cashback on sending 200 and Yink a new free recharge app that pays for completing simple tasks like creating videos,clicking images.

All the offers along with necessary details are mentioned below:-

1)Mowa app 200 cashback on 200 :-Mowa app is offering 200 Rs cashback on sending 200 to your friends,you will get the cashback once your friend receives the money,we don’t have further details for this offer,it may be user specific please contact their customer support for full details,Mowa app supports all banks in India,Money is debited from your card directly,no need to deposit any thing in advance,and no need to share bank details in order to receive the money.


2)Yink app:-Yink app offers free recharge for completing small tasks currently this app has two offers,one from Adidas and the other one from Purplle,adidas offer is a bit easy and non complicated,You need for walk 4 steps in the app and get 30 Rs Paytm voucher,All the offers have time limits,you need to complete them within the given time frame,in future this app will be coming with Multi dimensional offers like surveys,testing app and brain storming the ideas.



3)Zoomin Photo printing app free 150 Rs prints:-Zoomin a photo printing app is offering free 150 Rs photo prints to all the first time users as a launch offer,you just need to pay shipping charges,and print 4″x6″ 25 photos for free ,don’t choose cod,pay in advance to avoid additional charges,Zoomin lets us print photos directly from the phone and have them delivered any where in india,just choose the photos from your phone,and upload them directly in the app.

4)Buy tshirts for just 99 Rs from askmebazaar:-Askmebazaar is offering a variety of tshirts for just 99 Rs ,just goto the landing page,click sort by price low to high,choose the tshirts,size,click buy now,provide the shipping details and complete the order,the tshirts are round necked and meant for men,have stylish designs to suit your style.

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3 thoughts on “Hot offers of the day:Send 200 to a friend and get 200 cashback at Mowa app,Complete tasks and get Paytm coupons from Yink app,Free photo prints and tshirts at 99

  1. KISHAN SHARMA says:

    yink app is not working on my Galaxy S3. I concated Mr.Akshat Goel , the maker of yink, he said he will resolve my problem within 2 days.

  2. Rish says:

    Hey yinkers,

    We have noted that in the last 48 hours a lot of PayTM vouchers codes did not work or did not get sent at all. We apologize for any loss of time and effort, and hope to more than make up for it.

    Let us assure you of a few things:

    1) We have recorded all PayTM codes that did not work by working closely with PayTM team – so if your code did not work, you will be sent the money directly in your PayTM wallet this week or resent new codes. Either way, you will not lose your money 🙂

    2) Any credits that we promised to you will be delivered within this week.

    I am Rish, Co-founder and CEO of Yink and let me explain to you why we were unsuccessful in giving you a great experience on Yink.

    Being a 10 day old product – some hackers decided to attack our PayTM wallet and break into your system and database. They were partially successful and while they did not get access to our codes, they did manage to trip the entire system up.

    In simple words – the corrupted our database and wrong or invalid used codes started being sent to some users. We have recorded that fraudulent activity, beefed up our security, and are integrating even more closely with PayTM team to ensure this never happens again.

    Please bear with us as we get you your well earned and deserved money – we will have everything up and running smoothly within this week. It may be a long time for some users but it ensures security for all and for all future transactions, so please bear with us.

    Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience – and promise to be back and running with our systems soon.

    Co-founder & CEO

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