Earn money for creating Photoshop tutorials

If you know how to use adobe Photoshop,effectively ,you can earn huge bucks creating small tutorials

Psdtuts+ is a community dadicated to providing Photoshop tutorials in order to help people expertise photoshop
PSD tuts+ website accepts various types of tutorials like textural,video ,screenshots and premium
We are sure you must have came across some of the unique idea(s) while experimenting with Photoshop,you can sell your idea here

How much will you earn

Earning is highly dependent of the quality of tutorial,you will get paid only if your content is accepted on there site ,for acceptance it must stand at par with approval standards,you will be paid via PayPal ,on first week of the month following publication,an effective tutorial can earn upto 50$-150$

How to create tutorial

You can view a wide range of articles at Psdtuts+ and get an idea about what you need to do
Hope you might be knowing how to capture screenshots on pc ,you can capture your screen as video using this free software http://camstudio.org

Your tutorial must have following things

    • A PSD sample file for download

    • A preview image (small dimension)

    • Html file with source

    • Tutorial must be comprehensive

    To begin click link below

    Other sites

    Note:-some of these sites require you to owe a domain,if so ,you’ll get huge traffic with submission

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