Download Tring(beta) App and get free 123 Rs to call anywhere

Get free 123 Rs to call any where with tring app


Download the app here
Once you download signup and logon
You can call anyone with your free 123 Rs credit
Calling rate to India is around 0.30p per min

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8 thoughts on “Download Tring(beta) App and get free 123 Rs to call anywhere

  1. Ankush says:

    Hey guys, I work with Tring (beta). Let me just clear up the air a bit.

    The app was launched in private beta mode and the free credit promotion was not advertised anywhere. ******** and other websites are unaffiliated third parties and we have NOT launched any promotions anywhere.

    We witnessed an unexpected amount of growth in the last couple of days due to such posts and thus had to scale back the promotion to grow at a pace that doesn’t affect quality. We are now back to giving our usual amount of free credit so you can still check out Tring (beta) and make calls.

    We might decide to bring the promotion back once we have fixed our issues and launch publicly, but that’s not confirmed yet. Sorry to disappoint you guys for now. 🙂

    Thanks for using Tring (beta)! If you have any feedback for the app, please let us know by dropping a mail at We are still in beta mode, so please be gentle. 🙂

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