Download Elcatalk app and get free 100 Minutes to call without internet

Make calls,chat and send sms free with ‘Elca talk’ app,this app offers free unlimited calling with all other elca talk app users,around the world,as a promotional offer the app is also providing free 1 USD$ credits for all the users, that let’s you call anywhere in the world for Upto 100 minutes.

App features:-
1)Free calls:-Make unlimited free calls with other elcatalk users without any limits,talk all day ,all night without any worries for phone bills.
2)In chat fax:-Scan as well as send fax messages from the chat thread itself,no need to perform any hard work,to send fax.
3)Free chat:-Send and receive free text messages with other Elca talk users without any limits,chat,share jokes,hangout all day with all your friends.
4)Translation:-Translate messages in 50 different languages,using this app,no need to goto any other app or website to carry on the translations.

Now save huge ,you can make free calls to other Elcatalk users,and also to all other friends who don’t use,the promotional offer for free 100 Minutes is available only for a limited period.

How to begin:-
To begin just download this app from Playstore,(18mb),after downloading open the app,signin or signup for your account,you can also login using your ‘voxox’ account,after logging in you can see credits in your account,use them to call the friends who don’t use this app,to call a number just goto calls tab and input the number in international format,the call will connect as soon as your friend answers it.
How to call offline without using data:-
By default calling is set as online,here’s how to configure offline calling.
To configure offline calling just goto the app,click more > settings > click call mode and then select call connect ,input your number and done.(input your number in this format +91896037xxxx)[for india]
imageNow when you will make call,you will get an incoming call on the number entered,and the call will get connected once the receiver answers it.

Additional info:-
1)The app gives you a free number to make or receive calls,
2)You can also receive voice messages on your dedicated number,in case you are offline.

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