Download 4 apps and get free 50 Rs Recharge

We have a New free recharge app that is giving free 50 Rs Recharge for just downloading and opening 4 apps ;Paytm,Pokkt,Myntra and Guevara Music,the apps can be installed within minutes and the  recharge can be redeemed directly.

The procedure is very simple ,just download this app from here
After installing open the app,and click on the apps you wish to download,you will get 15 points for downloading and 15 points for opening the app you can redeem minimum 45 Points.
How to redeem:-
Once you reach 45,open the app ,click on the app you installed ,now press back and again click ok ,redeem button will get enabled,click redeem and the recharge will process by midnight.


Additional details:-
1)The recharge will be done on the number you specify in the starting,
2)You can’t specify the operator,so don’t use a ported number,
3)The point won’t get deducted untill recharge completes,
4)The redeem button turns blue when it gets enabled.

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15 thoughts on “Download 4 apps and get free 50 Rs Recharge

  1. vijay says:

    u have not mention how much rs. for each point ? Totaly an app gets 30 points as u mentioned (4×30=120 points). Then how become 50rs. Pls make it clear !

  2. Faizan says:

    Fake Offer! Even after earning 45 pts i am not able to click on redeem. Now when i closed the App and then restarted it, It again asked me to submit my no. again. I mere submitted my no. but now it shows 0 Pts ! Fake Offer

  3. pankaj says:

    Fake app!I got 45 points but there is no single recharge of 50rs as the app offered for 45points.
    just wastage of time &it is only an hocks making of internet users.
    Fake&Bad app go ahead.

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