How to Force Youtube to buffer a video completely at once during playback

Youtube video playback normally buffers a video when a users starts watching it,the buffer stops at various time durations and continues further as a users watches the video in correspondence to the viewing progress,you can force youtube to buffer a video completely in one single shot ,in order to experience a smoother playback experience,Today we are going to share a simple tweak for the Firefox browser users ,using which users can disable Youtube’s dash video playback.

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How to Enable Hidden Dark Mode feature on Youtube site

Youtube site now offers a secret dark mode to the users ,this feature has not been officially announced ,but the users can still try it out using this simple trick,this amazing feature will give your eyes a bit relief ,from strains and other problems and gives out the YouTube website a new look and an amazing viewing experience,here is the view of the new youtube dark mode’s look,click on the image to large it.

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Youtube Go beta app now available for android-Save Youtube videos for Offline viewing and Sharing

Last September Youtube announced regarding its Youtube Go app ,A YouTube app re-designed for the new generation of YouTube users,Finally today the beta version of the YouTube Go app is launched at the Playstore,this app offers a simplified version of YouTube with various language support like Hindi,English,Bengali,Marathi etc,Once you enter the app,you need to provide your mobile number and email,upon verification,you enter the app,the app has two only two tabs ,Home and Saved,making it easy and simple,once you click a video ,you directly get the option to save it offline.

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Google launches new Youtube Video viewing app for iOS-Uptime

Google has launched a new app for YouTube lovers ,This app let’s users watch videos together with their friends,It lets you know which videos your friends are upto and let’s you send reactions,comments and emojis for the same,while watching a particular video,your profile icon will keep on rotating,you can also know which videos your friends are watching.

With uptime you can enjoy youtube videos with your friends in real time,no matter where they may be, all the youtube stuffs can be enjoyed together,with this app users can easily share the videos with friends and bring them together to watch,chat and have a fun time.

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Play Youtube Videos in Background on Android and iOS devices using this simple trick

Youtube ranks amongst one of the most used web service ,It features a great collection of Multimedia content,Using the latest features in the Youtube app users can also save videos for Offline viewing ,which helps us saving our data cost ,for video buffer,once a video is saved offline,users can view it any time on their device without an active data connection,However one small problem that mobile users may face is background play,as soon as you press the home key or turn off the screen lights,the video playback pauses and stops,this may cause a bit inconvenience in case you just want to enjoy only the audio content,while multitasking on your phone or just turning off the screen.

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