How to find and track Lost Mobile Phone online (Android,iOS and Windows phone)

Losing your mobile phone is one of the biggest loss,no matter how much safely you keep up with your mobile phone,you may lose it anywhere irrespective of time and day,However sometimes in some cases ,someone may find your mobile and be so kind to return it to back to you ,such noble act will be enough to save money and bill out of your pocket,But that’s just conditional,lets see,what you can do in order to track and operate your mobile online ,in case you got it lost,using these online tools,you can lock down your phone,cause it to ring,wipe all the data,get current location and so on.

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Make your android phone Auto capture the image when someone tries to Unlock it Using Hidden eye app

Android phones are filled up with a lots of security features,lock your phone with a Pin code,Password or Pattern,also lock individual apps on your phone using various locker apps,these all will let you prevent in authorized access to your device,only the person entering the correct pin or password can access your device,However our device doesn’t tells us if some one else tried to unlock it using a wrong pin,pattern or password,Today we are introducing an app ‘Hidden eye’ this app will automatically capture the the image using your front camera when an attempt to unlock the device using wrong pin,password or pattern is incurred,this will let you know who tried to access your device using a wrong pin or password,it will let you spotlight the people,who are trying to get through your privacy.

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Get Estimated Results for a Future event with Bing Predictions

Bing a search engine by ‘Microsoft’ is bringing out many innovative techniques to keep the users engaged with it,Previously we posted a method to View accurate meanings for what’s app smileys using bing,and today we are presenting another awesome tool from Bing ,This tool let’s you predict results for future events,Like world cup,English Premier leagues etc.

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How to get a Mobile number’s Operator and state information

Their may be time when you get a missed call or call from an unknown number,which is not saved on your mobile,in a such situation,their may be a curiosity to get more details about that mobile number.

Shaplus mobile tracker app offers you with the state and operator details of almost all indian mobile numbers,it works offline,You can use shaplus app to get a mobile number’s information,regarding its state and operator ,just input the number and it shows the details.

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