Vodafone users can now get recharges without sharing Mobile number

Vodafone has introduced a new private recharging feature for its users,using which users can get recharges on their vodafone prepaid number without directly sharing the mobile number,This works with an OTP ,once an OTP is generated,it will remain valid till for 24 hours,Use this OTP to get recharges on your Number,To generate an OTP send an sms in Following format from your Vodafone number.

Type Private and send it to 12604 (Toll-free)

Upon sending this sms ,you will get an OTP number,you can use this OTP for all subsequent recharges on your Vodafone number for next 24 hours.

Govt of India launches M-Kavach app-A Security solution for android users

Government of India has launched a new app M-Kavach, A comprehensive security tool for the android users,this app deals with the prevention of unauthorized access to your device’s resources like WiFi,Camera,Bluetooth etc,The app also let’s us restricting access to critical apps like Mobile wallet,Social media apps,It also allows Blocking of Unwanted calls ,sms from the phone,the app supports android versions 4.4,5.0,5.1 and 6x,installing this app on your phone you can experiment various features to safeguard your device from malwares and other threats.
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Vodafone launches ‘Vodafone Sakhi’ Featuring Private Recharging to Empower Rural women

Vodafone,on 11th Feb 2017 has launched Vodafone sakhi packs to enpower the women in Rural areas,This pack aims to add privacy to your mobile number,letting you get the mobile recharged without sharing the mobile number,it also offers zero balance calling, free tips for 90 days, and others features,Vodafone sakhi packs allow recharging without sharing mobile number,You can get recharges without sharing your mobile number,using an OTP,which will be valid for 24 hours,It is also attached with an emergency calling feature,that allows users to make a 10 Minute call even on zero balance,Vodafone Sakhi is currently limited to Dehradun,Saharanpur,Firozabad,UP west and Uttarakhand,the pack price starts from 52₹.
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How to Block Your bank ATM/Debit Card Online,Offline (All banks)

ATM cards cum Debit cards have become a very important part of our daily lifestyle,These undoubtedly offer us a lot of convenience and relevance,Easy withdrawal,Transfer of money,Balance inquiry,no standing in queues/waiting,easy online transaction ,high security and safety,these are some of the amazing features that make ATM Cum Debit cards a very important part of our daily lifestyle,But in-case your debit card gets lost,It becomes a necessity to block it as soon as possible,In order to prevent any sort of misuse of your personal bank account although its safe because, The card is secured with a pin,but still you have to block it to ensure complete security,below we are listing out the methods to block ATM cum debit cards for various banks..

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3 Best Apps to Optimize your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Now a days, people are so upgraded as a result of which,everywhere you will find smartphones from rural areas to urban areas.That sounds great! Whether its a low cost smartphone or a high cost smartphone, a common problem which is in every smartphone is battery life. Low cost smartphones, due to the low cost rate their battery power is less and in high cost, due to too much features, the battery tends run out faster. People loose their battery at anytime, anywhere which sometimes is very annoying as maybe you would be waiting for something important on your phone,and suddenly your battery drains out.

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