Best Funny,creative and clever names you can tryout for WiFi

Bored of those old and usual names for your WiFi ,Today we have picked out some of the coolest names for WiFi ssid use these names for your WiFi ssid and create a bold impact of your WiFi in your colony,As of normal a Wifi router’s ssid is used for identifying your WiFi router ,but that is not all,you can also modify the SSID and use some creative names for your WiFi Hotspot to surprise your neighbors and nearby people,So if you are looking for some creative and stroking names for your WiFi connection ,here are some suggestions from us you can try out.

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Play Prank on Kids with the Ghost call app for android

Want to stop kids fighting,or appreciate them for a good job ghost app is the perfect app for you,with this app you can tell the kids to  eat food or clean they room,kids may not listen to their moms because they may be habitual for it ,this is a very friendly app and it won’t frighten them but instead tell them what they should do. Continue reading