Swap Facebook reactions to different characters using ‘Reaction Packs’ Plugin

Few days ago Facebook launched its new reaction feature,This let’s users show reaction for an update,instead to simply liking the update,Facebook users using this feature can easily show up their reaction like happy,sad,angry,love etc instead of just liking or commenting,The web is bringing up new innovations to this features helping users to add much more joy and taste ,Now you can replace the default icons with Various emoji kits ,this is made possible using a plugin ‘Reaction packs’,The plugin is available for Firefox and Chrome users,simply install the roll out the fun,This plugin will not change the text only icons will be altered,the changes will occur only at your end,since you will have the plugin installed.

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Start a Chess game with your friend while chatting on facebook using this simple trick

Facebook is one of the most widely used medium to help us stay connected with all friends,buddies and family members,use facebook to get connected with all your buddies,chat with them exchange photos ,videos and also share your life events ,show up your interest and enjoy ,Today we are presenting a simple trick ,using which you can start a game with your friend,while chatting with him/her on facebook,to do this just follow the steps below,you need to play this game via various commands,here are the instructions to begin this.

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Facebook tips/tricks:-Auto Reply to Messages when busy,Shortcut keys,Login using a Temporary password and more

Social media once was considered a platform meant only for teenagers,looking for friendship or relationships,but in these years social media has completely revolutionized itself,Facebook has created a great platform for the advertisers and brands,to reach the targeted users,Today with this post we are bringing up some of the amazing facebook tips,trick that will definitely help you carrying out new experiments with your facebook profile and helping you bringing up more out of facebook.

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Now use Facebook messenger on web without any installations

Facebook messenger is a chat app for Facebook that let’s us chat with our friends without any distractions from news feeds,status etc ,you might be using the same on your phones,but recently Facebook has unveiled a web version of messenger that let’s us chat with our friends without any distractions even when we are not active on mobile’s messenger,you can experience the same on your pc. Continue reading

Enjoy Free Facebook on Airtel,Aircel,Docomo and Reliance

Facebook is one of the most used website in the present era ,everyone has a Facebook account,and on an average every individual uses Facebook more than 3-4 times in a day,keeping the needs of the users in consideration telecom operators have made it absolutely free. Continue reading