Now use Facebook messenger on web without any installations

Facebook messenger is a chat app for Facebook that let’s us chat with our friends without any distractions from news feeds,status etc ,you might be using the same on your phones,but recently Facebook has unveiled a web version of messenger that let’s us chat with our friends without any distractions even when we are not active on mobile’s messenger,you can experience the same on your pc. Continue reading

Enjoy Free Facebook on Airtel,Aircel,Docomo and Reliance

Facebook is one of the most used website in the present era ,everyone has a Facebook account,and on an average every individual uses Facebook more than 3-4 times in a day,keeping the needs of the users in consideration telecom operators have made it absolutely free. Continue reading

Freebies of the day-Send Postgrams,Free game from EA and Free little soya sample

Presenting some of the irresistible freebies fro the day,This time you will surprise your friends with a real postcard delivered to there home,Buy a game by EA Absolutely free and grab a free sample of little soya,the offer along with the details are mentioned below.
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How to Optimize your Photos for facebook

Want to retain the quality of images to its maximum while uploading on Facebook? Facebook’s compression system does not have the ability to resize the image and maintain their detail and sharpness,which can leave us quite frustrated due to the lost originality of the image,Hence resizing the images manually before uploading them can get us a more pleasing result.

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