How to check if someone has blocked you on Facebook or What’s app

Blocking is a security feature offered by various social networking platforms,that disconnects a user from a specific user,which no longer lets them connect via their social profile,when someone blocks you ,you don’t get any direct notification regrading the same,but their are various signs using which you can determine ,Whether you are blocked by a user,below we are mentioning some quick set of steps ,using which a users can check whether they have been blocked by a person on Facebook or What’s app.

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How to delete your Facebook account completely and permanently: Step by Step Guide

Facebook with over billions of monthly active users is one of the most widely spread online platform,but sometimes users may have a need to delete their Facebook account over a new facebook account or any other reason,today with this guide we will be learning on how to delete a facebook account completely,instead of just temporarily deactivating it ,so follow our step by step guide to completely and permanently remove your facebook account.

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How to get your Facebook 2017 Year in review -Relive your 2017 Moments on facebook

Your ‘Year in Review’ is a personalized video that lets you highlight and share your meaningful moments from this year,These moments can include photos and posts that you’ve shared or been tagged in,This video includes moments from this past year that you’ve shared or been tagged in, and compiles them in a short video that can be edited and shared.

Once you visit the link below,you will be treated with a personalized video,the video will show all the important things that occurred during the year from 1st Jan to 1 Dec 2017,it will be very interesting to look back at all the events that occurred, at once in a video.

Year in review

Facebook app now let’s users find Free WiFi nearby their location

Facebook last year tested Find WiFi feature on its app,that let’s users finding free public WiFi near their location,this feature was initially launched for selected countries in the year 2016 ,the same has now been expanded globally and is available for all the facebook app users,Find Wi-Fi everywhere in the world on iPhone and Android, Facebook after the launch of Find Wi-Fi in a handful of countries last year,found it’s not only helpful for people who are traveling or on-the-go, but especially useful in areas where cellular data is scarce.

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Check out these 8 Amazing Facebook messenger Bots/tools

Facebook messenger has an amazing bot feature that let’s users pass on there  free time gaining knowledge or just having fun hanging out with various bots,if you are standing in a queue at a shopping store or simply want to pass some time these bots will prove to be really very helpful,Today we are listing out some of the amazing and useful facebook bots,along with there use and screenshots,have a look at what you could do with the Facebook messenger.

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