Best Internet pack deals for all operators:-Airtel 1GB 4G/3G for 12 Months at 51₹,Reliance 1₹ 300 minutes,BSNL Mobile Unlimited data for 1099₹ (No Speed capping) & 4 More

After the introduction of jio free preview offer for unlimited internet and calling,Other major telecom companies in order to stay competitive have introduced some special packs and have revised their existing data pack rates with the aim to offer their customers best internet pack at the most competitive price,under this major telecom companies have reduced their data pack rates upto 80% in order to offer their customers with the best data pack at most affordable prices,Idea,Bsnl,Airtel ,Vodafone and all other operators have brought down a major reduction in their data pack prices,below we are listing out the revised data benefits and revised prices for the respective operators.


Starting from Airtel,Bharti airtel is offering all its users additional data benefits at the same prices of existing packs, and 1 Gb 3G/4G data at a very affordable price of just 51₹,the offers and revised data plans from airtel are as follows.

1) 1GB 3G/4G data for just 51₹ for 12 Months:-Airtel is offering all its users data pack with 1 GB data for just 51₹,However this offer comes up with a catch,In order to avail this offer,customers initially need to recharge with 1498₹,after this initial recharge customers can avail the 51₹ 1 GB ,data offer,once this data is over,customers can recharge again with 51 ₹ till a period of 12 months,without any limit on the number of recharges.

2) Revised data plans:-AIrtel has revised its data plans,now offering more data usage with the existing data plans,in order to meet up the expectation of the customers,the revised data plans from airtel are as follows.

PriceCurrent Data BenefitsPrevious dataTotal additional dataValidity
145₹580 MB440 MB140 MB ——-
455₹3 GB2 GB1 GB28 Days
655₹5 GB3 GB2 GB28 Days
755₹6 GB4 GB2 GB28 Days
855₹7 GB5 GB2 GB28 Days
989₹10 GB6.5 GB3.5 GB28 Days


BSNL has also revised its data packs ,now offering Unlimited 3G data for just 1099₹,this packs comes attached with a validity of full one month,and has no speed capping ,that means you can use unlimited 3G data without any speed compromise or FUP limitation,along with this BSNL has also revised its data plans in a bid to get upto the expectations of the customers.

1)Get Unlimited data Without speed capping for Just 1099₹:-BSNL is offering its users unlimited data without any speed capping for just 1099 ₹,BSNL says “We are first in the industry to offer unlimited data without any speed limitations”,This pack comes with a validity of full One month,Now BSNL users can browse unlimited internet at a very affordable price.

2)Revised data plans:-BSNL has revised its data plans,now offering all its users double data on the existing data plans ,users will now get double data benefits at the same price,however the validity of respective packs will remain same ,This offer is applicable for the following two packs.

PriceCurrent Data BenefitsPrevious dataTotal additional dataValidity
156₹2 GB1 GB1 GB10 days
549₹10 GB5 GB5 GB28 days


Reliance communications has not revised its existing data plans ,however in order to beat the competition,Reliance has introduced an amazing offer for its under,under this users get 300 Minutes of app calling for just 1₹,this plans stands very cheap in price,here are the details.

1) Free 300 Minutes App to app calling for just 1 ₹:-Reliance in order to solve the problems of call drop has introduced a 1₹ pack,currently this pack is limited for the users of Delhi NCR only ,the offer is titled as “Call drops se Chutkara”,Reliance said:-“We want Delhi to speak on data,Delhi -NCR will get and India first offer of 300 Minutes app to app calling”,the validity will be for 30 Days,for just 1₹,10 Minutes calling per day for a period of 30 Days.


Vodafone has not introduced any special pack for its users,However still in order to stay competitive with other operators,Vodafone has revised its existing data packs,now offering more data to its users at the same price,the revised data packs are as follows.

PriceCurrent Data BenefitsPrevious dataTotal additional dataValidity
12₹50 MB30 MB20 MB1 day
449₹3 GB2 GB1 GB28 days
650₹5 GB3 GB2 GB28 days
999₹10 GB6 GB4 GB28 days


As Similar to Vodafone ,idea has also not introduced any special data pack,however few days ago ,idea offered 100 MB-1GB data for just 1 ₹,from its app,and also internet for all offer rewarded users with free data benefits for referring friends as already posted on our website,Idea instead of raising the data has reduced the price of its exiting data packs,the revised data plans from idea are as follows.

Current PriceData BenefitsPrevious PriceTotal savingsValidity
349₹2 GB449₹100₹28 days
649₹5 GB849₹200₹28 days
990₹10 GB1349₹359₹28 days


The offers and prices may vary as per circles,the same pack might be available in your respective circle at a different price point,so just ensure that you extract complete details regarding an offer from customers care and other sources,before availing the benefits from an offer.

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