Best Free Recharge apps for Android That pay instantly

Looking for Free Recharge apps for apps ,today we are listing out some of the best free Recharge apps for Android that process your recharge request instantly,and belong to the apps that are favorites of the users,all the apps follow nearly the same procedure download apps or refer friends to earn money,make sure your are downloading the listed app for the first time,un-installing and Re-installing an app again and again won’t work


1)Earn talktime:-This app pays us for downloading and trying free apps,you can also earn by just referring your friends,this app is currently offering 15 Rs per referral,you earn 15 Rs as soon as your friends downloads earn talktime with your referral and downloads atleast one app.

2)Ladooo:-Ladooo app also follows the same concept,you earn for downloading and trying out the free apps,it is paying 10 Rs per referral for the old users,New users also have the same rate,you get 10 rs when the referred friends downloads ladooo and tries atleast 5 apps,you can also earn by sharing apps with your friends and getting them downloaded.

3)Pokkt:-Pokkt app also pays for downloading apps and referring friends,their are no limits for earnings,Earn 20 Rs per referral,This app features download and earn,immediate recharges,and helps you keep a track of all your recharge history for week month or year.

4)Magic recharge:-Magic recharge gives you free recharge or you can call it a ‘Magic recharge’,get recharge for app downloads and referrals,You will earn 10 Rs per referral and 1 Rs with every transaction of the person you refer,the earnings are redeemable as Free Recharge as soon as you recharge 10 Rs.

5)Free plus:-Download and refer to get Free Recharge,free plus also follows the same pattern,the earning rates are different for different apps ,you can redeem a recharge as soon as you recharge 10,all the recharges are processed instantly,referral rate is 5 Rs per referral.

To download the respective apps,follow the links attached they will land you to the Playstore,install the app on your phone and use it,you may be required to verify your mobile for some of these apps.

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12 thoughts on “Best Free Recharge apps for Android That pay instantly

  1. stranger says:

    i do not get any credits from pokkt. i was having about 150rs credits in pokkt and now they are gone and i am not able to further get credits anymore

      • ravi says:

        Pokkt not give rrecharg.I do contact coustomare support but not reply a day its not give recharge.only show balance and recharge not received.admin plz check and clear ur doubt.thnkxxx

    • Shyam says:

      You need to have atleast a balance of Rs. 2000 in your wallet to be able to transfer money to a bank account.
      And also 4 % of the amount will be deducted and the rest amount would only transfered to ur bank

  2. Mani says:

    late offer frm Ladooo..
    nt able to use ladooo in bluestacks or any emulator coz automated sms verification.. any one hav idea 2 bypass sms verification? ?

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